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Hellish War: 15 Years of "Defender of Metal", a Brazilian Metal Gem

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the release of "Defender o Metal" (2001, via Megahard Records), a true gem of Traditional Metal forged in Brazil, the band Hellish War brings a re-release of this album, so important for the band and loved by their fans around the world. Yes, "Defender of Metal" has won the hearts of many fans around the world,  in addition to the two passages of the group on Europe, the album was released in Germany in 2009, and of course, having reached in the hands of many Metalheads through imports and then via the internet.   (versão em português)

Founded in Campinas (SP) in 1995, it was with "Defender of Metal" that Hellish War saw his career reach another level in terms of recognition, and it brings that 80's Metal, inspired by the English and German scene (Maiden, Judas, Accept, Running Wild, Living Death and so on) in 11 tracks that exude honesty and love for Heavy Metal.

The album became a cult among the fans, highlighting the German Headbangers, where the band toured and recorded the live album "Live in Germany", released in 2010 by Hellion Records.

Heavy Metal filled with riffs and refrains, alternating with Speed ​​Metal's fast tracks, mainly from the German school, with other more rhythmic passages and traditional galloping riffs. The lyrics brought themes of love to Metal and stories of warriors and battles, and in this album, a few obligatory songs on the band's shows, such as the title track "Defender of Metal", "We Are Living for the Metal" and "Gladiator", which are fast, more straight and energic tracks, besides more epic moments , such as "Memories of a Metal", and its more slow tempo.

An album that sounds raw, with a traditional Heavy Metal played simply but with a lot of passion. The quintet that recorded the album, did not know yet, but were creating there, a small treasure of the Brazilian Metal, and a wanted item by fans beyond the borders of the Brazilian lands, and it continues being discovered by many young headbangers.

In addition to this re-release, the band are booking special shows, where they will perform "Defender of Metal" in full, the band. After a hiatus in the activities, the band want to recover this time, and also have been composing songs for a new album. Great news for 80's Heavy Metal fans!

Text: Carlos Garcia
Management: Som do Darma

The re-release was dedicated to the memory of Jayr Costa,  drummer who recorded the album and was part of the band between 1995-2001, who died in early 2015.

Line-Up who recorded the album:
Roger Hammer: Vocals
Vulcano: Guitars 
Daniel Job: Guitars
Gabriel Gostautas: Bass
Jayr Costa: Drums

Into the Battle
Hellish War
We are Living for the Metal
Defender of Metal
The Sign
Into the Valhalla
Sacred Sword
Memories of a Metal
Feeling of Warriors
The Law of the Blade

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