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Noturnall: "9", Deserving Grade 10!

In the last 4 years, the progmetallers from Brazil Noturnall has designed a career in which it is equivalent to 10 or even 20 years of activity in comparsion of some others, presenting 3 studio albums, a live DVD and a gratifying participation in one of the most important festivals of the planet: Rock In Rio, in 2015. Looking back on all of their trajectory, we can see that the group is not only a band that produces albums, shows and tours, but a group that dares within the music market, using original resources. And where looking to the future that they have released, in different formats, the new album, called "9".  (Versão em Português)

Since their debut in the studio, the musical facade of the group is supported by a modern language, dominated by technical rework, melody and generous doses of weight, not forgetting to seek their true form within the Heavy Metal orb and the Progressive side. These details are maintained and marked here in "9", but thanks to the influences of all the members, who brings an inspiration in ways similar to their musical past, delimiting rigidity and balance in the nine songs that make up the album.

In a matter of production, all the timbre is wrapped in weight and melody, reaching a balanced, powerful and intriguing sound, which is highlighted by the mixing and mastering, which again had the effort and dedication of vocalist Thiago Bianchi, accomplishing all the work in his own studio,  Fusão VM&T. The cover art, created by the artist Carlos Fides, is carried by apocalyptic atmospheres, framing several puzzles to be unveiled, centralized by the illustrious and indispensable presence of the mascot of the band.

Compared to the first two albums, the quintet explores different ares, having here the most complete material released by the band, arriving at a high degree of cohesion, embracing elements vigorous and captivating, mediated by the positive changes they are facing and the musical understanding of all. And Thiago Bianchi once again giving back the top after the battle against pancreatitis.

The opening act "Hey" is marked by dense and robust moments, with melodious features and driven by the exciting refrain, which is soon followed by the dynamics and the breaking of rhythms between Fernando Quesada and Aquiles Priester; "Change" is stocked with aggressive, versatile vocals, alsostriking chorus and good keyboard combinations; "Wake Up" introduces vast lines of guitar, which soon grow with vigorous riffs and a few soft routes, being a true technique game, with the illustrious participation of Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), who became part of the band, for short time.

"Moving On" has its amusing and captivating beginning, embroidered by the vocal melodies, not long to play with the weight of the guitars, driven by the good change of rhythms on the drums and the beautiful chorus; "Myterious" is linked with vast details, encompassing super fast tempos and exquisite harmonies, resulting in an organic and intense melodic Power Metal; "Heart As One" behaves as a 'Hard Rock Ballad', which is concentrated only by acoustic and clear arrangements, where each hearing, through digital platforms, is returned to the GRAAC (Adolescent and Child Support Group with Cancer). Beautiful!

"What You Waiting For" covers a more traditional and accessible footprint, which surprises by the timbres and the intricate lines of bass and weight coming from the drums, which is harried by the Aquiles' hand. Highlighting also the vocal nuances and the excellent keyboard interventions; "Shadows" excels by an aggressive stance, adding low tones, arches of multiple keyboard mixes, moving the music in different ways; "Pain" has a more temperate climate, focused on cool atmospheres, great keyboard lines and acoustic stretches.

What's "9" could be 10, because Noturnall's talent is to be enjoyed with respect and pride, offering to the fans and listeners what they most want. And the proof that it is possible to progress and reinventing yourself on each work can be conferred in this world of overcoming that is "9".

Text: Gabriel Arruda
Editing/Revision: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Disclosure

Band: Noturnall
Album: 9
Year: 2017
Country: Brazil
Type: Metal/Alternative Metal/ Progressive Metal
Label: Independent
Press Management: TRM Press
Worldwide Distribution: Rockshots Records

Thiago Bianchi (Vocal)
Leo Mancine (Guitar)
Fernando Quesada (Low)
Aquiles Priester (Drums)
Junior Carelli (Keyboard)

1. Hey!
2. Change
3. Wake Up!
4. MovingOn
5. Mysterious
6. Hearts As One
7. WhatYouWaiting For
8. Shadows
9. Pain

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