domingo, 3 de maio de 2020

Cerberus: a promising start

Review: Renato Sanson

Ten years of history and a countless show list, with a solid formation and prepared to deliver a forceful and exciting orthodox heavy metal. This is the way  of the brazilians gauchos from Torres – Rio Grande do Sul, ready to distill the poison of the purest traditional heavy.

While their Debut CD is on it’s final composing and recording stage, today we’re going to talk about their Demo CD “LEGACY”, released in 2015 and available on their YouTube Channel.

There are only two songs, but these ones really present their sonarity nuances, based on True Heavy Metal Style, with greats influences like Grave Digger and Judas Priest.

“Hand of Doom” opens the proceedings with a compassed riff that gets stronger with the following bass/drums very well marked and extremely heavy, taken in a rain of feeling with it’s vocals lines that draw in their vitality and agressivity, but with great melodies. The music itself gets very interesting forms and variations.

In “Awake me Now” we have a composition starting in a more dragged tempo and cadenced structures. The voices get featured by it’s crescendo in a interpretative and dense aura, getting stronger with the solos arrangement.

“Legacy” shows a energic strong willed and qualified band, there are only two tracks, but we can already imagine how their upcoming Debut CD will sounds like, the professionalism of this quartet is latent, since the Demo CD shows not only a great production, but also a very well built piece of music.

Line up
Nicolas Cardoso – Vocals
Cristian Nunes – Guitars
Jones Machado – Drums
Rodrigo Fernandes – Bass


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