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Perpetual Fate: Showing Personality in a Style Already Saturated.

Being active since 2015, the Italians from Padua have released their Debut in 2018, under the tutelage of “Cordis”, bringing a good Alternative Metal with great melodic doses and betting on a modern and more sophisticated approach. (versão em português)

The emotion in the compositions is something to stand out, either by the beautiful voice of vocalist Maria Grazia, who sounds sweet and soft, or also by the lyrical approach that goes more on the emotional side, bringing an introspective view of the feelings, what match perfectly with the beautiful keyboards and guitar very well imposed, with doses of melodies and intricate riffs.

The production is crystal clear and extremely polished, with a softer approach, but not losing the characteristic of Metal itself, but that if it had more weight the sound would certainly sound more imposing.

Even having a defined style, the compositions vary a lot, as in “Mark Any Youth” which sounds abusively (in a good sense, of course) technical and varied, making a great counterpoint to “Cannibal” and his latent emotion in each note. "The Land" also stands out for its more epic side and for the participation of vocalists Michele Guaitoli (Visions of Atlantis) and Marco Pastorino (Temperance), as well as the choruses that sticks in our minds at the first heard bringing a lot of energy and drama.

A beautiful debut where they show a lot of personality and not sounding like more of the same in a style already saturated.

Review: Renato Sanson

Maria Grazia (vocals)
Gianluca (guitar)
Massimiliano (guitar)
Diego (bass)
Marco (drums)

01 Rabbit Hole
02 Enslavement
03 Smothered
04 The Path (I See You)
05 Cannibal
06 Mark Any Youth
07 Rainfall
08 The Land (feat. Michele Guaitoli and Marco Pastorino)
09 Eternal Destiny
10 When They Cry
11 A Word Between You & Me


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