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Majesty Of Revival: "Best Kept Secret of the Ukrainian Metal!"

The release of PowerProg label says: "The Majesty Revival is the best kept secret of the Ukrainian Metal ...", in other words, referring to the band, coming from a country not much traditional in metal scene, where there is also no support, is a pleasant surprise! And after checking the work of the band, it is impossible not to agree, and the Majesty of Revival proof that having talent and willpower, there are no frontiers, and a quality work like theirs cannot be hidden, needs and deserves to be appreciated by metal fans. 

We contacted the band, and talked with the founder Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and singer Nelly to know a little more about the band, their second album, "Iron Gods", the battle to get over the difficulties and take the name of band to a wider audience, and other things. Check it out and you will also discover this "Ukrainian secret":

RtM: Would you do a brief presentation of the band? a brief history, for fans who are coming to know the Majesty of Revival right now.
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy: Ukrainian band MAJESTY OF REVIVAL was formed by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy in 2009. Brilliant Symphonic power metal with really heavy riffs and absolutely demented guitar solos. You will be transported into a futuristic landscape of chaos and the outer reaches of the power metal genre – from hard rock through heavy riffs with neoclassical vibration's, to thrash/speed metal – all sounds that the band use to create our unique style. Through 5 years we had a lot of line-up changes, making 2 albums and 1 compilation.

RtM: Being a new band that searches for your space, which features you think would be the strongest of the Majesty of Revival, and that can make a difference in this competitive scenario?
Dimitriy: Nowadays is very hard to compete with European bands, but we try! We had a dream from the beginning to become known as Metallica. Some people laughed at us, but we worked on ourselves, took music lessons, studied. But now we realize how hard is this way in the era of a digital technologies. Due to the availability of musical instruments/ equipment a lot of shit pops up in music nowadays - the music business crawling all the sundry - all wants easy money and fame, not having a clue about what music is, the theory/harmony of music and other details.

RtM: Would you tell us more about the meaning of the band’s name, “Majesty of Revival”, the signification to you, and if there are some history about how did you choose the name?
Dimitriy: When a band created in 2009, we`ve been named "Revival." The values ​​of the name we did not attach - we were young and naive. In falls of 2010 when I was alone again (former members go to their countries), I began to look for musicians. In October I met Vasily Irzhak and decided to rename the band, since the name "Revival" have a lot of  unknown bands over the world, as well as several online games. But on the local scene we are known as Revival and I decided to add "Majesty". We were going to do the great and epic music with a enchanting shows and the name "Majesty Of Revival" very suited us!

RtM: “Iron Gods” is your second album, could you tell us about the meaning of this title? And are there a unique or a special concept in the album?
Dimitriy:  We usually write the music and give the working titles for the songs. While working on the songs we understand about what should be a song. Then begins work on the lyrics. So it was with the title track of the album. But this track should be continued within the meaning of the first track "Nameless Guest".

Oleksa Dynnyk came up with lyrics for "Iron Gods". The name itself came to my mind when the album was at the stage of recording. It was very fun story. On the Internet has been popular demotivators like "Make a name for your band from the first letters of your name." Well, I tried - came the name "Iron Gods".
It sounded snobbish but cool. And I thought, "lets call that song IRON GODS!" But than guys tell that will be very cool if we call whole album “Iron Gods'.

Infernal Grays' video recordings
RtM: And about the production of the album? Was produced by the band? I believe you have also had a good pre-production, because the sound of the band has many variations and is quite complex.
Dimitriy: Yep, album was produced by the band. We have peoples that help us make sound of new album more heavy than previous one, but mainly we produce Iron Gods by ourselves. We had lot of problems during the recording. I must say that this record was gave us a very hard one.

RtM: I think the songs “Nameless Guest”, “Infernal Grays” and “Nocturnus Gate”, are good songs to introduce the band, and, represent well the sound of the Majesty of Revival, with many variations, heavy, with symphonic and melodic parts, great vocal and instrumental arrangements (by the way I enjoyed the vocals on "Nocturnus Gate" with a very operatic passage). Do you agree? Could you talk a little more about these songs?
Dimitriy: Thanx. Well, maybe. Nameless Guest is opening track for Iron Gods. We had an idea to make opening track very heavy, speedy and epic. This track have a lot of solos, breaks, epic vocals... This is the only track we have about dragons, wizards, swords, blablabla – we never  writing songs with fantasy themes. Title track Iron Gods continue this lyric theme of Nameless Guest - is the outcome of the entire album. 

Infernal Grays – is potential prog metal track. We experimented with a vocal parts, during recording of this song, and it turned out to be quite successful - we shoot a video clip on it :) Nocturnus Gate – I think it's our darkest track ever. With real choirs!

RtM: If you had to choose your favorite songs from the two albums, which do you choose and why?
Nelly: I`d choose the song  Nocturnus Gate from 'Iron Gods' because of its dark chorus parts and organ. It makes a mysterious atmosphere within.  Also I wrote the lyrics for it. That`s the closest song to me. As I like to listen to growls and organ, so it must be Magnalia Dei from 'Through Reality'

Dimitriy: Oh..I like it all! But if I had to choose favorite.. I think it will be “Self-Control”, “Reality”, “The Code” from the first album, and  “Lost Empire”, “Nocturnus Gate”, “Close Your Eyes” from the  second one.

RtM: And when you created the band already had an idea about the concept of how it would sound and the direction of the Majesty of Revival? What influences you could cite as major for the band?
Dimitriy: When we met, we had no idea what we would be playing. We played everything - jazz, rock, pop, metal. After a few demos we started to realize that Metal goes more qualitative!  Regarding the influence - a lot of them. Personally, I was influenced by such artists as Metallica, Accept, Symphony X, Time Requiem, Stevie Ray, Black, Vacuum, Waltari and many others. Basically, the music that touches my soul, before reaching my brain. Our drummer listens more fusion music, djent, thrash metal. The other band members are also music fans - they listen to different music.

RtM: And the music scene in Ukraine? What can you tell us about it? Is there space and support for the Metal bands? What are the main difficulties you encountered to form the band, recording the album and get a contract with a label?
Dimitriy: Music scene in Ukraine? Hah! There are no music market  in Ukraine, as such. pop and folk music is popular here. But all musicians are very  poor here – organizers don`t pay for their shows. Nobody cares about bands – festivals, clubs – they invite only well-known bands to play. Get a record deal for Ukrainian band is unreal – record  labels don`t sign bands from CIS countries! It was a surprise, when we get emails from few European labels to release our second album.

RtM: I saw you posted about your solo album, and also that you were invited to participate in two Metal Operas. What can you tell us about these projects?
Dimitriy: Well, I planned to make third solo album in the end of 2014. But management of Majesty Of Revival said me “tour for  Iron Gods will be from september 2014”, so I decided to starting record in from March 2014. Now 90% it's done – I`m waiting for vocals from Finland, than I will start the discussions with the labels about the release. My previous solo albums had very good feedbacks and sales so i decide to make last part of POWERSQUAD trilogy this year. This album is not typical for me and sometimes difficult. It includs various styles from jazz to rock, from pop/techno to extreme metal music.

RtM: And about the Metal Operas?
Dimitriy: About operas – peoples came up to me with proposals to participate in their projects and I agree. I cant say more – you will hear more news soon as they allow me to talk about it. I can say only the one thing, that this both operas are international and will include many famous musicians. Also in one of that operas I will be co-writer.

RtM: Follow daily stress related to conflicts in your country, many Brazilians live there (football players). How are you seeing this? It is very difficult to understand some things, the reason of conflicts as they occur throughout the world, especially in view of good people, and even more people related to art and music, which are things that exist to make the people’s life better.
Dimitriy: I dont know how to comment the situation in our country. A bunch of assholes in Russian, European and Ukrainian governments are making money on the war, on the deaths of people. What could be worse? For this money, which they sponsor military actions and quarrel nations against each other, they could build thousands of hospitals for sick children\people. The universe is given to us to create goodness - but a bunch of hunters for riches fighting against each other by hands of nations. The saddest thing is that the people are not aware of it, and they blind are going to kill each other. What else is there to say ....

Nelly: We haven`t seen any Brazilians in our region but in the rest of country they probably are. It isnt' difficult to understand – Ukrainians just wants to be free- to be free from corruptions, from passed soviet union, to become an European country. You can see it in every kind of art, in every genres of music. Ukrainians have they own spirit of freedom and they will fight for it, even if it is painful. There`s only one person who interfere us and supports pro-russian terrorists. Everyone in this sensible world knows who is it...

RtM: Well, thanks for your attention, congratulations for your great work and very good music! I let the space to you to send a message to the fans! 

Nelly:  For all those people who are in love with music or with other precious art, we would like to wish you peace in your hearts and a total bliss!! Love ya, splendid people! \m/

Interview by: Carlos Garcia

Visit the band:

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy - Guitars, Back-vocals 
Marat Adiev - Keyboards 
Vasiliy Irzhak - Drums 
Nelly Hanael - Vocals 
Sandra Roarke - Lyricist 
Miro Kostrec - Manager

Past Members: -Konstantin Naumenko - Vocals (2011-2014) -Oleksa Dynnyk - Vocals (2011, 2012-2014) -Artur Gorey - Vocals (2010-2011) -Trayan Mustyace - Bass (2011) -Vasiliy Dovhanych - Bass (2013-2014) -Grotesk - Keyboards (2011) -Dennis Fursov - Drums (2012-2013)

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