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Maidens of Metal: What do the "Metal Ladies" think about the role of women in Rock/Metal Scene?

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The idea of ​​this article arose in March, when we was talking about the international Women's Day, we thought about write a special article, then our team took testimony from some women working in the Metal and Heavy Rock scene, to know their opinion as today the role of women in this scene before dominated by men. Before, the rare pioneering pained discrimination and lack of support, but sought their place and won respect, even following the “male style”, and we can cite such as the Runaways, Girlschool, Doro Pesch, London Wilde, Jo Bench and Leather Leone, and here in Brazil Volkana, flammea, Valhalla and Placenta, to name a few.


Later, another generation has shown that women did not need to leave to be female and even delicate, or don’t use a more stylized costumes (did you remember the term "Beauty and the Beast"), and we quote here Liv Kristine, Anneke, Kari and then immediately Tarja Turunen, Cristina Scabbia, Vibeke Stene ... and from there, bands with female members, not only on vocals, and even formed only by women grew only taking up some specific labels, and even unique festivals, emerging year by year, as Metal Female Voices, held since 2003 in Belgium and the She shakes the Earth, here in Brazil, in Brasilia.

But what after all? There is still much difficulty, discrimination? It is fair to explore the image of female musicians, using labels like "Female Fronted Metal" or "Female Fronted Band"? And use that label is fair or is to take advantage, sometimes even to meet a possible lack of other qualities? Win a predominantly male territory without losing femininity is also a challenge. What they think about all this? Also ask the opinion of "guys".

Cartoon by Márcio Baraldi in tribute a all women in Rock/Metal: "They plant love... They Plant Life... They Plant competence...They plant profissionalism...and everything blooms

We know that there are few testimonials face a number of bands, the diversity within that scene, beyond the individuality of thought of each person, but follow us, because certainly we have tried to diversify, talking to people from different countries, ages and various Metal sub-styles, and of course also have your say. Come check out what they have to say to us.

The experienced London Wilde, who comes from a time that the scene was much more complicated, especially for women, have restrictions on labels such as "Female Fronted Metal" and also expressed her opinion to the younger:

London Wilde

"I think the term “female fronted” can be negative if it evokes pre-conceived notions of what the music is going to sound like. I think it’s important for women in Metal to not worry about stereo types, or fitting into any perceived role, and just focus on realizing your own personal vision as an artist."   
London Wilde (Lead Singer from WildeStarr , Producer, Ex-Chastain - EUA)

Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion, and also guest in Ayreon, The Gentle Storm), mexican singer radicated now in Netherlands, gave to us your opinion too:

"I think women are a lot more accepted in the metal world nowadays. You see a lot of women making heavy music, it’s not a surprise anymore which is great! If anything I think we really need to get rid of the “female fronted metal” label, it doesn’t say anything about the music a band makes at all!

And about the option to live and build the career in the Netherlands, Marcela told us:
"There are a lot of factors why keeping a band in Europe is easier than in Mexico, but a big one is I think that (at least in Holland) there’s much more government support for the arts than in Mexico for instance. It’s getting less and less, but there’s still lots of venues and youth centers that motivate young people to make music and perform; there are a few more doors you can knock on."

 Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion – Mexico/Netherlands)

Marcela moved from Mexico to the Netherlands, but across the ocean there are also countries where support is precarious. See what Daria Piankova (Concordea-Russia) and Nelly Hanael (Majesty of Revival - Ukraine) have to say. Dara thinks is still difficult to opine about women's participation and the pursuit of maintaining the balance between showing strength without losing femininity...
Daria Piankova
“It’s a hard question, mainly because this music had originally played by men, not by women. Commonly this kind of music is associated with protest, rebellion, aggressivity, power which is – I say this word again    c o m m o n l  y   a men’s prerogative even within our modern culture… So when you talk about the role of women in this music, you have to face many stereotypes in the air, in men’s and women’s minds. Today women try to contribute their serious share in this business… and their objective is to combine their natural tenderness and the power I mentioned above. Create beauty and be steady in spite of everything. And remain women after all. It’s not the simplest task believe me.” 

And about the support to Metal bands in Russia, Daria told us:
"There are a lot of small events held in the small pubs or bars where several bands can play in an evening. If you have enough money and abilities you can always pay and play once as a support band on scene with a touring star. Often the same happens with festivals. As you can see, the only and most reliable support is our enthusiasm and our love towards what we play and what we do."   (Daria Domovik – Concordea – Russia)

...While Nelly Hanael has a poetic vision of the women in Metal!

"For me, a combination of woman`s gentle and the power of Metal music was always (and still is) the most marvelous and magical thing in the strange world of various musical instuments and voices. When woman begins to sing in such a powerful song she brings a tiny (or not a tiny) line of melody which you must follow anyway and you enjoy it anyhow, especially when the singer is a professional!
Nelly Hanael
All of those women reminds me a warrior maidens - a combination of strength, beauty and deep in her roots tenderness. It`s some kind of a fairytale on a metal\rock scene, it must exist and continue to progress!"

And about the label "Female Fronted Band" Nelly thinks:
"It would be great if such label exist because those people, who like to listen to female voices in metal\rock easily could find many of a good bands. And also it`s easy for the bands to find the right label which knows it`s professional duties in this way! hehehe

Nelly Hanael (Vocals - Majesty of Revival from Ukraine)

And in brazilian scene? What the girls sayd about the role of the women in Metal scene nowadays? Jana, Angela and Adriane with the word...

"Increasingly larger and on the rise. Things have changed quite an average of 10 years over here, today, women are increasingly present in the rock/metal scene, both attending the shows and buying material and as members of bands and producers and organizers of events! Authentic, wearing, listening and acting the way they like without having to prove anything to anyone to join a group. I see many more young girls wanting to have a band, for example, are not just the boys I am very happy about that and I feel very accomplished to see that this is a reflection of this change in behavior, today women and men are treated equally and given the same respect, at least the majority, which demonstrates how we can effectively win our space within that community.

Jana Lemos (pic by Flávia Mesquita)

Of course, we have always been around, from the beginning, but the collections and the macho atmosphere of once discouraged many. Women do not like sound, women only like guys, women only cause discord among the faces of the bands woman in the role're hunting a hairy woman's poser (for the simple fact of being a woman), woman in Metal that does not catch the guys is "kind of male girl", but woman who picks the guys is a bitch  ... well, I can say is that if this thinking still exists, it must now be well hidden, it will not be tolerated! Metal and Rock are transgression movements.

“There is no space to sayd it’s a only male scene now, the person who thinks so, definitely does not live Metal, just a tanner, did not understand anything! We attended the scene as headbangers who we are, we are looking and united to protect and prevent any kind of prejudice and injustice. The woman of the scene is now aware of their right and your space, you feel the urge to talk, play, enjoy, go where she wants, say their opinions, face whoever will tackle, as equals. And the scenery only have to gain from it!"

 “Jana Lemos (Sakhet - Brazil)

Angela Crotchrot

"Women are active in all rock-metal sheds, have great representatives in all genres and play their roles admirably, and nothing to owe to the “male side”. 

As I am more extreme Death and Grind I will name some names respect and attitude: Marly (No Sense), Ana (Haemorrhage), Gabi (Nuclear Frost), Larissa (High School Massacre and Retaliation Infernal), Fernando (Obitto), the girls from band Valhalla (Brasilia) and many others who do not remember now. . But all worthy of respect and admiration !!!! "

Angela Crotch (Bass Player, Crotchrot and Necrose - Brazil)

Adrismith Panndora (Panndora)
"Women have always been in the rock scene, from the beginning, but having featured as mere fans. After a while women gained more space to be the  protagonists, coming now occupy high-profile role with men. 
On stage there is no distinction of sex, but only the music."

Adriane Adrismith Panndora (Drummer, Panndora - Brazil)

Italy is a country with a many great Metal bands nowadays, always given to us new and very talent artists, like Chiara Tricarico (Temperance) and Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia), and both gave us their opinion about the women's participation nowadays:

"I’m glad that girls have taken their own place in the metal scene in the last years.
I think it is a very positive fact that the audience has finally opened its mind to the numerous good female musicians of the scene.

I like to express myself in many diferente ways, and this is why I do not limit myself in just one vocal style. I like both the operatic, the pop and the more aggressive and rock styles, and usually I also do the growls and screams on stage ahahha!"

 Chiara Tricarico –(Vocalist, Temperance – Italy)

Chiara Tricarico

"When I started singing in bands (around 2008), women were still rare in the underground scene of rock and metal, and the few bands led by women were still something strange! Nowadays, the movement" Female Fronted "grew lot and it seems that every band must have a "frontwoman"!
Be part of the movement allows you to use some unique features such as fanpages or zines dedicated to him.

But I still prefer to describe my band as "Melodic Power Metal" instead of "Female-Fronted Band" because there are many listeners who are not really interested in "movement".
I think all these bands have to take a step back and stop describing themselves only as "Female-Fronted band"; in fact, I prefer to read their musical genre, instead of this tag. "
(Nicoletta Rosellini - Vocalist of Kalídia - Italy)

Nicoletta Rosellini

To Carla, from La Ventura (Netherlands), definitely nowadays the women proven the capacity to be the "leader of the Pack":

“I personally take my role as frontlady of a rock/metal band quit seriously. For me it is a perfect genre to express my emotions. It’s powerful, melodic, heavy and groovy at the same time. Maybe the metal and rock scene was originally dominated by male artists but nowadays women have proven to be just as capable to be leader of the pack. A female voice can easily balance and compliment the heaviness of the music in its genre. For me this scene is all about women at their best: showing beauty and power at the same time. I think we’ll survive in this “men’s” world

And  the "Female Fronted Band" tag I believe it is a good thing, because nowadays it is popular and hot in many parts of the world. Although I do believe we ought to be open for all good music, no matter what gender is fronting a band. Don’t you agree?” 
Carla Van Huizen (Vocalist, La Ventura – Netherlands)

Again, in Brazil, Deisi Wolff, Fernanda Vidotto and Aline Happ, they see that the number of women in the scene has grown and continues to grow, and demonstrate the same ability of men within the Metal scene:

Deisi Wolff (Soul Torment)
"I see the role of women in Rock or Metal utmost importance, year after year we are gaining ground in the midst of this" scene "where most of the musicians and audience is still male. The important thing is that we are not highlighting in just for being a woman, but to have ability and attitude as much as men. Nowadays still represent a minority, but the number is growing every day and should be supported, because there is one thing missing, idependent of the gender, that is the union between the headbangers and bands . And when the chicks that makes a sound, or simply supports the bands the way you can (instead of going to shows to make intrigues and parading clothes) are women like this the metal need! "
Deisi Wolff (Road to Metal colaborator and Lead singer of Soul Torment - Brazil.)

"I see women with the same role as the man. Several bands with women have appeared and been highlighted, especially groups with female vocalists."

 (Aline - Vocals and Keybords - Lyria, from São Paulo-Brazil)

"I believe that in general aspects yes, we won a lot of space but in interpersonal aspects still we have to "organize" more cohesively as music is a great way (as well as other forms of artistic expression) to pass ideas and ideologies and create ties, promote and opinions etc."

"Through sweat, blood and tears the woman will to fight and want to rock. And whether Pogue, bang your head, to mosh and  to show that can and should be seen as a normal human being and not as a crystal shattering. WE ARE STRONG, we are made of METAL, dare me to say."

(Fernanda Vidotto - Amazon Press, Collaborator Road to Metal site)

Fernanda Vidotto (Amazon Pres)

Évora Morgana, experienced musician of the Underground scene of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), saw women occupy more and more space in all areas within the Rock and Metal:

Évora Morgana
"Well, this is a space that has been achieved with great difficulty because both Rock and Metal in general is a very macho stronghold. If outside was a space provided by difficulty, imagine in Brazil, where unfortunately we have this football culture and carnival ....

When I started were very few women in the scene, had to be firm and very determined, without exposing too! respect is the key !!

Currently I see more and more women warriors in the scene, from the Rock to the extreme Metal bands and only female members too, and is restricted to the sound we do not have women entrepreneurs who make t-shirts hand-painted or screen printing, zines and more !! "

Évora Morgana (Guitars,  Imortal Perséfone and Psycophobia - Brazil)

Hail to the Queen! Doro, a pioneer, starting very young in a scene almost totally dominated by men. What the Metal Queen told us about that times and nowadays:

"Women's participation today is fantastic, and there are a lot of great female musicians on the scene. In no time I got to suffer discrimination. Everyone was always very good to me and treated me with respect and I felt very supported by all the other bands and musicians, and I always, always felt a deep and solid connection with the fans. I guess I always felt I loved the fans and the music, more than anything else in this world.”
Doro Pesch (Doro, Warlock - Germany)

Well, and what about the guys? What do they think about the women participation nowadays, and about the labels like "Female Fronted Band". We had a conversations with some guys to hear their opinion. Dave Starr (USA - WildeStarr, Vicious Rumors) and Vitor Rodrigues (Brazil - Voodoo Priest, Torture Squad former member) and others gave us their vision:

"I think its great that there are more women in rock/metal these days. Things are much different today then they were 20 of 30 years ago, and that's a good thing. Back then, there were really only a few bands with women in them, now there are quite a few. It can't help but be empowering for women to see so many ladies up there now. Having said that, I think the "Female Fronted Band" classification is tired and old. We used that ourselves on our website, but dropped it a few years ago. It just seems dated and boring to me.  I think every musician... and every band should be judged on their merits, and not on their gender. If we truly want to live in a color blind society, we should also live in a gender blind one as well. Great music is great music, it should not really matter who makes it." 
Dave Starr (WildeStarr and Ex-Vicious Rumors)

Dave Starr

Arjen Lucassen have the Dave's same opinion about the tag "Female Fronted Bands":
Well, I guess that within the female fronted metal style there are many different bands who don’t even sound like each other! So in that repects it’s not good. 
Arjen A. Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One, The Gentle Storm)

Adriano (Krophus), Baronvon Causatan (Metal Militia Magazine), Vitor Rodrigues (Voodoopriest),  and Carlos Garcia (Road to Metal web site) from Brazil, they see that women, as well as conquer their space, now also leave their mark as well as any element that really wants to show their work at the scene:

"Women had representation in rock or metal has always been and, although most girls prefer to follow other paths, the departed for that left their mark ... I see no distinction between people, what happens is that many do not take it seriously and do not happen ... but that's part of mankind millennia, and that can overcome this out there distilling the blood rock/metal through your veins ..... that's it." 
 (Adriano Ribeiro Khrophus, guitarist of the band Khropuhs)

Adriano (Krophus)

"Early, few bands had a woman forward, perhaps either playing an instrument, but taking the lead were few. Examples like Jynx Dawnson the Coven, Wendy Williams Plasmatics, through Doro Pesch in Warlock and we can not help but remember Runaways, Suzy Quatro, even not liking the work is worth mentioning also Janis Joplin.

Currently we see in all styles, bands with a female member in the formation or even entire bands of women, and when I say in all styles, are all same. Since traditional Heavy Metal reaching the extreme sounds like Splatter/Gore.

I even think we got to the hype of being separated by genre something you do not need, but is for social issues or small heads on both sides (men / women) this competition and differentiation arises.

I think the feminine side does not have to fight for a space, but do the same to keep, continue and exit the position simply reflect that thing to get running hairy ade ago because touching band or because it has a great hair because are those that spoil the image of women within the Metal fortunately is a small group (or groupies, hehehe) only lose space in my point of view. While we have bands and women representing your space, you can be sure that women are doing very well in Rock/Metal scenario!  (webmaster of Satanic Militia Magazine, Baronvon Causatan)

Vitor Rodrigues
"I see that today the woman is gaining more space both in the Metal and Rock as a means virtually dominated by men, and this is extremely beneficial and important. There is still much to be conquered, but with so many emerging talents, no doubt achieve this goal." 
(Vitor Rodrigues Voodoopriest)

"What matters is the music, not sex, color, creed .... whatever. The quality of the artist is going to win the recognition and respect. Today women have won their space before a scene dominated by men showing that, that's stupidity find that some guy can not do this or that task because it is male or female. Their role in the Metal Scene and Rock is fantastic, we have vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists, drummers, they are producing ... everywhere, showing strength, but without losing the grace, and it is perfectly normal today, and although some bands still use the fact to try to attract attention, the vast majority see who do not care, as I said before, what matters It is the artist's quality. "(Carlos Garcia, Editor and Coordinator Site Road to Metal)


This article is relatively small to the subject size and the proportion that women now occupy in Rock and Metal scene, but we hope with this article, as well as a tribute, also show that the views, problems and achievements have very similar points, not regardless of age, country or continent, and we hope to revisit the issue at some more specific articles soon. 


We have observed that all respondents agree that today women naturally took its place on the scene and is present in various sectors of the "music industry", even though it may still be found some prejudice and more conservative resistance (we know that there are prejudices against religions, preferences sex, and even absurd as discriminating by skin color differences, and yet, even though difficult to conceive, places of the world women are treated as being inferior), but in a civilized and globalized world, one can not admit certain absurdities, either the environment, then, much less in music and even less in Rock and Metal, which always preached to freedom in all forms.Specifically on the subject matter hereof, the woman took his space, is active, present, creative, beautiful and independent of all, another aspect that most agree, even if some are of the opinion that tags like "Female Fronted Band" also have positive role, what matters is the quality of the music, not the labels, gender, creed or whatever.

Feature: Carlos Garcia, Fernanda Vidotto and Deisi Wolff 
Edition, additional texts and Review: Carlos Garcia
All statements taken from interviews ceded to Road to Metal
Charge: Marcio Baraldi

Thanks: Many thanks to everyone who contributed responding to this article, to Marcio Baraldi and all the women in Rock and Metal.











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