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Powerwolf: The Wolves Are Back, and Better!

In "Blessed & amp; Possessed", their sixth album, Powerwolf are back with their  bombastic Power Metal, combining big choruses and catchy melodies with the orchestrations and keyboards that set the tone for the dark and sinister lyric themes, one of their trademarks, being present the stories of werewolves, vampires and  the peculiar form which the band attacks religious fanaticism and subjects (the crusades, for example). It is worth mentioning that the visual part is well worked by the group, and the sum of all this results in very nice live performances.
Since 2003 on the road, we can say that the band fits in this new breed of Power/Symphonic Metal groups (which has as one of the great exponents the swedish band Sabaton), that bring these bombastic and epic features in a captivating and exciting sound.

The band already has his trademarks, however, has improved the formula with each release, both in sound and in visual production, the priests pour their Power Metal on fast tracks with more intricate arrangements on drums, which fit even better in the band's sound, alternating more Hard Rock parts and Traditional Metal, brightened by the keyboards, which are responsible for letting the climate even more epic and still give that "sinister" air, especially in synthesized church organ and the use of Latin in several lyrics, plus of course,  Attila Dorn vocals skills.
Opening the album in a bombastic form with the title track "Blessed & amp; Possessed", great orchestrations, riffs and killer drum/bass, powerful vocals, all united in a Power Metal catchy and with a killer chorus!
"Dead Until Dark" will not let us catch our breath, it is also fast, with big choruses, highlighting the guitars; "Army of the Night" is also another song prepared to make the fans sing loudly, another bombastic power metal anthem; "Armata Strigoi," slows down a bit, with a "galloping" progress, and certainly  the fans of  the serie "The Strain" must have remembered right in time the word "Strigoi";

"We are the Wild" is a good example of range where they flirt with the Hard Rock, and comes at a more moderate pace and is more melodic (the initial melody of the guitars immediately glows in your mind!), with catchy vocal melodies and perhaps one of the most sticky and legal album choruses.
There are eleven tracks full of riffs, great melodies and catchy choruses, with an excellent balance between the fastest times and mid tempo variations,  and their "werewolve/religious" very peculiar thematic. To name a few more tracks, "Christ & Combat," which closely resembles the melodic speed metal of the early Helloween, with really nice lyrics (about the "holy crusades") and chorus; "Sacramental Sister," with some Iron Maiden style on guitars and the final hymn "Let There be Night", a true metallic "cult".

And not only that, besides the traditional version of the album, issues will be available on vinyl and special editions, such as box-set containing, among other items, an extra CD named "Metallum Nostrum", containing 10 versions in Powerwolf style to classics like "Edge of Thorns" (Savatage), "Night Crawler" and "Touch of Evil" (Judas Priest), Headless Cross (very interesting choice of this excellent Sabbath song, from Tony Martin age) and "Out in the Fields" (Gary Moore).

High level even, and if some people thought that the formula could be worn, Powerwolf  proves that good music is never saturated, and even continues to evolve and demonstrating that they know very well what they want, making music with credibility and excitement. Hope they continue bringing us more Metal, blood and howls greeting the queen of the night for a long time!

Rate: 9/10

Review by:Carlos Garcia

Attila Dorn – Vocals
Matthew Greywolf – Guitar
Charles Greywolf – Guitar
Falk Maria Schlegel – Organ
Roel van Helden - Drums

Track List

01.  Blessed & Possessed
02.  Dead Until Dark
03.  Army Of The Night
04.  Armata Strigoi
05.  We Are The Wild
06.  Higher Than Heaven
07.  Christ & Combat
08.  Sanctus Dominus
09.  Sacramental Sister
10.  All You Can Bleed
11.  Let There be Night

CD 2 - Metallum Nostrum:
01.  Touch Of Evil
02.  Conquistadores
03.  Edge Of Thorns
04.  Power And Glory
05.  Out In The Fields
06.  Shot In The Dark
07.  Gods Of War Arise
08.  The Evil That Men Do
09.  Headless Cross
10. Night Crawler

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