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Vegas: Mysteries, Hardcore and experimentalism

Leia a resenha em Português AQUI.

A mysterious band, which  does not have much information  about their place of origin, only about one member, the lead singer called T, who comes from Germany.

Vegas has a unconventional sound, however, a mixture of Hardcore, Metal and experimentalism, but that sounds a somewhat strange, primitive and stunning.

Well, in 2015 Vegas released their new album, which arrived in Brazil, but in very limited form (only 50 copies), being an exclusive release to South America, and  the name of the album , the lyrics and the name of songs was translated to Portuguese.

In the album Titled "The more nothing, the better" We have an aggressive, dirty sound and I can say it is very peculiar, T vocalizations are screaming and with some effects, which makes it impossible to understand what is singing, not posible to recognize if he is singing in German or English.

The guitars are simple, as so the bass-drum lines, an experimental sound gets around the 10 compositions (appearing even acoustic inclusions), but what call attention on the work, and in a negative way, is the production, the structural idea of music is well, but the sound production sounds disjointed, as if the band had recorded the album live in the studio, which affected the final result of the work.

But it is interesting how the band takes their compositions because yes, they are full of feeling and energy, and in the lyrics, we can see the strong message that the band wants to send , it sounds even a little abstract, but of great importance for those who have the opportunity to have the material and read it.

Hardcore, Metal and experimentalism, a dirty and heavy union, rightly dosed can indeed bring good things in the case of Vegas proved they are competent in what they propose, however, having to further improve the recorder  of their releases.

Review: Renato Sanson
Translation: Caco Garcia


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