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Trixter: Tipically Hard Rock

TRIXTER is a wronged band. Yet emerged in the 80s, at the height of American Hard/Glam Rock scene, launched in 1990 one of the best albums of the genre , their self-titled debut. However , with the advent of Grunge and popularity fall of Hard Rock , the band was taken to ostracism.

But 'Human Age' brings a renewed band, updated with the style, but still with one foot in the past, when it comes to melodies and catchy choruses. The disc opens with a typical arena Rock, "Rockin To The Edge Of The Night", which was a good choice; "Crash That Party" is longer Sleazin',

"Not Like All The Rest" is a typical sound to play in the party, with nice melody and good backing vocals; already "For You" also follows a Sleazin’ line', especially the drummer Mark "Gus" Scott; "Every Second Counts" is a semi-ballad, which will surely fall in the taste of those who like catchy songs, and brings a remarkable riff and melodic vocals as well; with "Beats Me Up" then yes, we have the syrupy ballad with acoustic guitars, initial lull to fall in strong chorus. Indeed, it is one of the album's highlights; "Good Times Now" brings a nice swing, vocal chorus, finally, another party sound; with "Midnight In Your Eyes" and "All Night Long" we note that the band steps in the past, the melodies used mainly on guitar; "Soul Of The Lovin 'Man" is a big heavier/rock a la Whitesnake; here comes the title-track pulling a sticky riff from the start, prominent bass, and more backing vocals. It is a typical music to listen to on the road, and it is the last album's sigh.

It proves that 'Human Age ' is one of the best Hard Rock releases of the year, perhaps, in recent times. After all, TRIXTER always knew how to create catchy melodies, catchy ballads and also forge 'heavy and big rock n’rolls', which inevitably result in tasteful compositions and excellent result. It is hope that the band can achieve greater coverage in relation to public and back to big shows of old times, because it is an excellent band in technical quality and stage presence . At least, they have a great album , and that's what matters most . The CD cover is very nice.

Review: Marcello Camargo
Editing: Carlos Garcia

Frontiers Music


Pete Loran – vocals/ guitar

Steve Brown – guitar

P.J. Farley – bass

Gus Scott – drums


“Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night”
“Crash That Party”
“Not Like All The Rest”
“For You”
“Every Second Counts”
“Beats Me Up”
“Good Times Now”
“Midnight In Your Eyes”
“All Night Long”
“Soul Of A Lovin' Man”
“Human Era”

Video: “Human Era” Official Video:

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