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Tsjuder - Demeaning Nordic obscurity

The TSJUDER is one of the few Black Metal bands from Norway that still seeks to keep the flame of that sound more raw and old school. Compared to his early works in which prevailed the speed and widespread bankruptcies, with ‘Antiliv’ the trio stepped over the brakes, bringing a sound with darker and charged ambiences. Anyway, in no way it lost the harshness and evil inherent in them, and there, yes, blast -beats, guitars riffs and a cutting off bass guitar masterfully.

The carnage begins with "Kaos" a striking punch in the head, fast, without concessions; "Krater" confers an underground music aspect, big weight with surrounding guitars, little stops, all led by drums, only to backsliding ass kicking at the end of his little more than seven minutes. Striking chorus; the comes "Norge" with hypnotic riffs, DARK FUNERAL references, hateful vocals, and brought reminiscent of the album 'Desert Northern Hell'; The fourth song is one of the album highlights, "Djevelens Mesterverk" is a typical sound to ‘break neck’ so fast; blast beats, nerve and insane guitars; with "Demonic Supremacy" the tempos are slower, foreshadowing parts of Thrash Metal. Almost seven minutes of sound; "Slumber With The Storm" is no exception of predecessors, with speed switches. Remember the last albums of GORGOROTH;.

"Ved Ferdens Ende" the brutal sound comes to crash and crush skull, to the extent that drops to atmospheric riffs. It is certainly one of the best moments of  'ntiliv'; finally closes this opus with the title-track, eight minutes song that dominates cadence with the guitar dictating the tempo with precise riffs. As a bonus, covers from also Norwegian Blackmasters MAYHEM that although with some difference from the original in some parts, got a'll break, a blasphemous insanity; and other cover from BEHERIT, satanically was brutal, with that gloomy atmosphere of the original band. There are also three demo versions for "Kaos", "Slumber With The Storm" and "Antiliv".

There are rumors that account that the band can come to Brazil in 2016. I hope this is confirmed, and they can show in Brazil all its impure and unholy art. By far, the album is far superior to its predecessor ‘Legion Helvete ‘(2011). All songs bring a reference to the beginnings of style, either in aspects of composition or production thereof. The content of the letters is still directed to the anti-Christian theme. Therefore, based on the foregoing, you know what you'll find in this great album, lyrical and musically.

Text: Marcello Camargo
Editing: Carlos Garcia

Release: Season Of Mist
Nag – Vocals/Bass
Draugluin – Guitars/Vocals (backing)
AntiChristian – Drums

“Djevelens mesterverk”
“Demonic Supremacy”
“Slumber with the Worm”
“Ved ferdens ende”
“Kaos” (Demo)
“Slumber with the Worm” (Demo)
“Antiliv” (Demo)
“Deathcrush” (MAYHEM cover)
“Unholy Pagan Fire” (BEHERIT cover)

Video: Tsjuder - Djevelens Mesterverk (Official Premiere)

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