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Interview - Pop Javali: Discovering New Frontiers

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Pop Javali is a brazilian Power Trio with 20-year career in music, taking as influences  Classic Rock and Progressive Rock bands from 70s and 80s, and has maintained the same lineup since the beginning of the band, with Jaéder Menossi (Guitar) Marcelo Frizzo (bass and vocals) and Loks Rasmussen (drums), what gives them a perfect understanding on stage.

The band has shared the stage with legends like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep as well as numerous performances throughout Brazil and has released two albums and the latest, "The Game of Fate" (2014), was produced by Busic Brothers (from Dr. Sin, also a great brazilian power trio) having great impact with fans and specialized media.

To make complete the very good results of this great album and celebrating all these years on the road, Pop Javali recently made their first tour in Europe, passing through four countries in nine shows. We talked with guitarist Jaéder to tell us more about this trip, and also some curiosities about this great moment of the band. Check it:

RtM:Recently the band returned from a european tour, tell us how did surge the opportunity and also the idea of ​​the tour? You felt it was a necessity, even to take new steps in your career, and that there was also a demand?
Jaéder Menossi - First, thank you, Road to Metal, for the opportunity of this interview. The idea came up in partnership with the Som do Darma (Sound of Dharma), which is responsible for our Press Management and Career Management. 
They made contact and sent materials for traditional houses and festivals in Europe, and many of them returned showing interest in signing with the band. From this it was being put together, the schedule and logistics of the houses as the agendas of cash and the distances between them. We felt it was a great opportunity, coming against our goals and professional objectives.

RtM: How was the reception from the public? Do you found a receptive audience, that already knew the work of Pop Javali (in english, Pop Boar) too? Did you feel that there is a market that can be best explored by Brazilian bands, because we have other bands with visibility out there, but I still see that still known to a restricted audience.
Jaéder - The reception was fantastic! We found a receptive audience who knew the work of the band in an amazing level. They asked us why we do not play a particular song on the set, on the guitar that I used the clip of 'Healing the More', which technique I've used in a video on Youtube. It was very gratifying to see how they are interested in the work of a band that they will watch live and also the work of the musicians individually.

RtM: And the conditions that you found to play in terms of locations, equipment, etc?
Jaéder - Conditions were excellent, sound and light equipment always first. Local all carefully structured sound engineers ready to meet you in any need.

RtM: And what are the major differences you felt between making a tour here in Brazil and there, in Europe?
Jaéder - Regarding the receptivity of the audience is very similar, we have always been very well received both, here and there. An important difference is that Europe is the 'cradle' of the rock, the rock is inserted in their culture in a different way. The privilege of have played at the Cart &amp Horses where Iron Maiden made the first presentation, for example. Participate in festivals such as the Razorblade and Sneeker Metal Meeting, too. And sure,  the exchange with the bands and fans from other countries and the new friends we had the opportunity to make.

RtM: And what is the bottom line that you do this tour? Did you left many doors open?
Jaéder - Yes, the balance was very positive! Our performances were very good, full of energy, were highlighted by both the interaction with the public and for being the Brazilian band of the night. The staff there respects and is very interested in Brazilian bands, largely due to the pioneering work of bands like Sepultura and Angra. There is a wishing well ''pre-concept '' in the air.

RtM: Talking about "The Game of Fate" which received very good reception from critics and audiences, and continues to be released, I would like you to talk about the results achieved until now, it is within what you expected, expectations were exceeded or above of what you planned?
Jaéder - It was an album we made with love and care in the details, of course we expected a good reception, but the expectation was exceeded by far. The highlight is the impeccable production of Busic brothers (Dr. Sin) who helped greatly to achieve the result we wanted.

RtM: And being a Power Trio, a formation that became popular enough from the 60's, bringing characterized by the ability and virtuosity of the musicians, emphasizing the instrumental part. I thought the Pop Javali from the beginning as a power-trio? Keeping in mind these characteristics and also the greater freedom that this format gives?
Jaéder - Yes, always wanted this format, much to the affinity of us, personal and musical. It's hard to find people committed to the same ideal, less people, less difficult (laughs). As the musical part, on the one hand gives more freedom on the other, requires greater creativity to the band always sounds cohesive.

RtM: And what are your favorite Power-Trios?
Jaéder - My favorite power trios are Rush, Motörhead, ELP. In another phase, Prong and Primus.

RtM: I see the Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Metal fans as a loyal followers, and I believe the good bands of the style will always have fans and space in the musical scene. And what are your perception about the current scenario, which also has revealed new bands who make music inspired by the sound of the 60s and 70s, for example Blues Pills, Rival Sons and others?
Jaéder - On the mentioned bands, did not know them, I will research, thanks for the info. I think it's great because where we are today owes much the references from the 60s and 70. We had a lot of influences from bands from these generations.

RtM:As a curiosity, would you tell about the band name, how did you have chosen it, and the meaning of it?
Jaéder - We wanted to get out of the stereotype of compound nouns in English, such as "Deformation of Contamination", "Abominition of Mortification" (laughs), etc. We wanted a name direct and easy assimilation. Who watches our shows never forget the name of the band. It's a memorable name!

RtM: And Pop Javali's plans to 2016?
Jaéder - For 2016 we have study release a live CD with some of the shows we recorded during this tour over Europe. Also the next album is well underway and we may have it coming out in the middle or in the end of the year. We are also prioritizing the production of two new clips for this year. Anyway, hard work and fun in sight.

RtM: Guys, thanks for this interview, congratulations for over 20 years making good music and the new achievements. It is the space for your message to the fans!
Jaéder - Thank you for space, we are the disposal whenever you want and I ask everyone to confer news in our website and social networks.

Interview by: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Som do Darma & Band's files


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