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Interview - Linnéa Vikström (Therion): A Heavy Metal's Shield Maiden, With the Music in Her Blood

She was born in Stocholm (Sweden), and has the music in your blood, since early age Linnéa Vikström had contact with music, taking family examples like her grandfather Sven-Erik Vikström, known swedih Opera Singer, and her father, Thomas Vikström (Therion, Talk to the Town, Stormwind, Candlemass, Dark Illusion and others), with whom currently divides the stage, acting as singers and also participating in Therion's creative process.  (Versión en español)      (Versão em Português)

Linnéa, in a conversation with the Road to Metal, tells us a little more of her career, and although young, already has a lot of road in music. Says she is a girl from Rock & Roll, despite enjoy other styles occasionally, and looking for her first performances (debuted in the band with only 18 years in the Bloodstock Festival 2011, London), today sees herself as a singer and performer more evolved, but that does not cease to pursue growth.

Check out the following interview with the talented and charismatic Linnéa, certainly an artist who will bring many contributions to the Rock and Metal. 
Parodying the words of Chiara Malvestiti , with you: Linnéa Vikström, a true Heavy Metal's Shield Maiden!

RtM: Hi Linnéa, everything ok? To begin this conversation, would you tell us a little bit about how you started your career in music. I believe that your father must have been a great supporter and also inspiration for you.
Linnéa: Hey there! My father has absolutely been a great inspiration and also given me a lot of motivation when it comes to music! My first professional job was a six year old little girl in the cast of the musical ”Annie” in Stockholm and from there on I have been singing and doing music my whole life.

Probably your father must have also been his teacher. Besides having this influence within the family you have singing lessons or some other instrument with others?
Linnéa: I never got any proper singing lessons from my father, but definitely a lot of great tips and knowledge just by being with him in the studio and watching him perform! I went to a music school between 4th and 9th grade in a choir program, so I learnt a lot about music theory, harmonization and of course singing. In highschool I went to another music school with a more rock/pop specialized program, and along side that I took classical singing lessons for about 3 years.

Speaking of influences or inspirations, what musicians or singers would you cite as influences?
Linnéa: This could probably take a whole page haha, but I’ve always been a rock n roll girl, but I of course slide over to other styles of music every now and then but to name a few of my ”idols”, Alice Cooper, Kiss, The Beatles, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Spice Girls, Yes, Aerosmith, well, as I said, this could go on forever!!

RtM: And how was the invitation to join Therion, and how is to be on stage and on tour beside of your father, Thomas Vikstrom? Many musicians who are or have passed through Therion refer to the band as a family! Snowy Shaw refers to Therion always like family.
Linnéa: I first did the Sitra Ahra album when Kat initially left the band, and then I started touring with them in 2011. Therion has definitely become my family and while other people might go to the university I studied at the Royal University of Therion haha! 

RtM: In addition to the talent as a singer, you also call attention for your empathy with the fans, your stage performance and visual. I believe that you fit well in the band at a time of transition where Therion sought some changes in sound and more elaborate and modern look. In addition you also have a different style, allowing greater diversity in vocal arrangements. These questions helped you sign the band and win the fans by printing very quickly your personality and fitting in the proposal of the group?
Linnéa: I have done A LOT of growing up since I first started working with Therion. When I look back at my stage performances from the early days I can’t help but laugh and wonder what the hell I was doing! I was only 18 and just finished highschool and both visually and singing wise I am now miles away from who I was back then, both as a person and as a singer/perfomer. In the last 2 years I feel that I finally have found who I am and what I want to do. But it also shows that you never stop growing and that you can never finish practicing.

The Vikströms!
RtM: And What elements do you think are important for a musician to have a stage performance that  please the public and help to gain your space in musical scene, especially in bands that have a strong personality and loyal followers like Therion?
Linnéa: This is also one of those things that takes a lifetime to come to term with. Which ever band/artist you’re talking about that I find good at the performance part is themselves but evolved into 2.0. You have a sense of looking at a higher being, someone who is more than a person. I think that is what Theiron is. It’s an extension of who Christofer Johnson is as a human being, and for me it’s important to always have that in my head!

RtM: Lori Lewis recently said goodbye to the band, a singer who won a special place in the hearts of Therion fans, and now Chiara Malvestiti was announced. I would like you to tell us a little of this both great singers.
Linnéa: Lori has become such a good friend and we still keep in contact! We had a lot of fun and she was a wonderful person to perform with in every way! But I’m very happy that we now have Chiara in the band. She is wonderful in every way too and makes as outstanding job!

Therion's Amazing Ladies! Linnéa & Chiara
RtM: What about the new music for Rock opera being composed (which Lori still take part in the recordings)? What are you thinking about the new songs and what can you tell us about your participation in this new álbum?
Linnéa: I have been composing some stuff for the opera, and we toured with one of the songs I composed in the ”Rock Opera Reviled”-tour. That felt like a game changer. I really felt that I was a part of the band in a bigger way, since I’m now a part of the musical process and not only in the singing and perfuming way. We haven’t yet decided if I will sing in the opera, but I sure will partake in the recordings and in the choir!

RtM: And the recordings of videos to the “DVD "Garden of Evil"? Tell a little more for us how was these Works, that should have been a time of much fun for all of you! The clip of "Mon Amour Mon Ami" is my favorite!
Linnéa: It felt good to shoot Vidal! Hahaha, just kidding of course Emoticon smile Doing music videos involves a lot of waiting, so even though it’s fun it’s also easy to lose your energy on set. But it’s easy to get it back when you’re working with the best people in the world!

RtM: With Therion you had the opportunity to visit many countries and meet many different cultures. What places would you cite as the most exotic, and you could also tell us any funny or exotic situation that happened in all these trips?
Linnéa: Going to Jamaica has always been a life long dream, and now I’ve been there!!! I also love visiting south america. But the tour we did in Russia has a special place in my heart. It was a real roller coaster, but I have such fond memories of it! I remember when we were in a city there and out tour manager knocks on our hotel room, and I open and see him laughing. ”What’s so funny” I ask him and he says ”we don’t have a venue! it’s just a construction site!”. Apparently they weren’t finished with building the place where we were supposed to perform! Unfortunately we had to cancel, but it’s a memory for life!

RtM: And What Therion songs you must like to sing live?
Linnéa: Ginnungagap, Arrow from the sun , Raven of Dispersion and I hope that we some day can do Trul! 

RtM: When you are not involved with the work, Tours and recordings, which are your favorite hobbies for leisure time?
Linnéa: I have a dog, so I like spending time with him! But I also love going to bars and have a beer (or 10) with my friends. I’m  also a big fan of science so I like to learn about physics, space and geography.

RtM: And your plans for the future? In addition to again be participating in the concerts of Kamelot, you have received more invitations for participations in other works? Do you Think about a solo album? Perhaps in partnership with your father? It would be cool!
Linnéa: A solo album is not out of the question. I just started writing some stuff for and EP, wich hopefully will be finished in 2016. I have some great co-writers with me, so it will be awesome! I also recently did a song with the band  Diztord”. It’s called ”Now we burn” (watch here) and I’m really proud of it. I’m also a part of a fantastic prog metal project called "The Paralydium Project” with some of the finest musicians in Sweden!

"No Gravity!" Photo by Ivan Dzugan
RtM:Linnéa, thanks for the interview, we all hope to see you and Therion soon again here in South America! Much success to you !! This ultimate space is for your message to the fans!
Linnéa: Thank you Carlos and take care! I really wish to go back to South America soon, and I’m truly sad that I couldn’t be with you on the latest tour..!! I love you all and I’m so thankful for all that you do for me! 

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