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4th Dimension: Fresh Air and Renewal in the Melodic Power Metal

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The certainty that anytime we hear something new, bringing new ideas and fresh air is what fascinates me most in the world of music. If some time ago one or other of sub-genres of Metal, for an example the more melodic side of power metal, has suffered wear, now the scenario already has a renewal, including some pionnering bands releasing good records, such as Sonata Arctica, Vision Divine and Rhapsody of Fire, after all, no one can live releasing the same album year after year, or record the same song several times! In fact, until you can, and some do, but they are doomed to forgetfulness or ostracism.

Speaking of fresh air and renewal, the 4th Dimension, Italian band founded in 2005, this year released their second album, "Dispellig the Veil of Illusion" (the first, "The White Path to Rebirth" is from 2010), with a excellent, careful and clear sound production. The group shows that while new bands appear with well crafted ideas, care and creativity in the compositions, there is nothing to fear for the ostracism of a style or a band.

You could say, as a reference, the 4th Dimension is a Power Metal Melodic that resembles in some respects the Finnish "good harvest", however, would be wrong to put them only with this label, because they add various other elements, the label's release speaks in "Modern Power Metal", well, it is an interesting term, they try to bring something new in the sound and arrangements, with interesting  keyboards and synthesizers, not only using just the traditional side.

Instrumental beautifully crafted, variations, creativity in the arrangements, with each song featuring different elements, trying to never fall into the commonplace, keeping the listeners attention from beginning to end, and you can perceive a concern with the quality of the songs.
(below, "Angel's Call", from the first album)

Praise the performance of the musicians, very competent, highlighting vocalist Andrea Bicego, which, besides an interesting timbre, also used various nuances, with interpretations with feeling, not only using high vocals, like the common line of the Power Melodic. Not hi did not use this artifice, for example on more fast songs such as "the Circle in the Ice", but as much these, or as in most climatic and rhythmic, like "Away", he presents creative vocal lines, and as I said, at various times, interpreting the songs, sometimes reminding me a little singers like Jon Oliva or Meat Loaf, masters of "interpretation". 

Talking about the album's tracks, the play opens with the intro "Veil 3102", then the "The Circle in the Ice", which alternates moments that fast Melodic Power Metal, but with variations and changes of rhytm, and melodies captivating on keyboards, which at various times following a more modern line, with some electronic and synthesized effects, also running some of that more traditional, orchestrated or neoclassical line of a Rhapsody, for example, and highlighting the vocals of Andrea, also with creative lines;

"Kingdom of Thyne Illusions" (check above), which was also chosen for the promotional video, also follows a faster line, with catchy melodies and many keyboards, moreover, these faster parts is that they remind me more Finnish Melodic Power (Sonata Arctica, mostly); "Extra World" also switches faster and creative variations moments, showing that they do not run for an easier or more convenient side, seeking interesting solutions for each song;

"White Logic" is also a good example of the creativity of the band, following a more rhythmic line, highlighting excellent arrangements of keyboards and vocal lines; "The Watch Tower", which is based on the book "La Torre Vigia" by Ana Maria Matute, brings diverse climates and variations, a very dynamic album, and as you noticed, I've talked of almost all the tracks because there really are very good , keeping the album on a high level, well-crafted songs, with arrangements and choruses catchy and creative, being unfair to highlight only a few songs.

An album of high-level, more mature and superior to the also very good "debut", "The White Path to Rebirth", which already showed the potential of the band. While bands like the 4th Dimension still arising, bringing new renewal and good music, regardless of sub-genres or labels, we will continue optimistic about the future. Highly recommended for Melodic Power Metal fans, and for metal fans in general, wich enjoy good music.

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: 4th Dimension
Album: Dispelling the Veil of Illusion
Year: 2014
Country: Italy
Genre: Modern Melodic Power Metal
Label: Prog Power

Line Up:
Andrea Bicego: Singer;
Talete Fusaro: Keyboard player;
Massimiliano Forte: Drummer;
Michele Segafredo: Guitarist;
Stefano Pinaroli: Bass player.

Set List:
1) Veil 3102
2) A Circle in the Ice
3) Kingdom of Thyne Illusions
4) Quantum Leap
5) ExtraWorld
6) White Logic
7) Memoirs of the Abyss
8) The Watchtower (A Dream of Chivalry...)
9) Dissonant Hearts

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