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Interview: Soulspell - Brazilian Metal Opera For Export!

Conceived by the brazilian musician and composer Heleno Vale, the Soulspell Metal Opera is a pioneer project in Brazil, and that with dedication and battle reaches its third album, showing a lot of progress and quality at every step. In addition to showing the world many talented Brazilian Metal, also revealed new names, as DAISA Munhoz, who recently figured in the list of the most promising female Metal singers, and also this recent album, "Hollow's Gathering", the project brings guests as Tim Ripper Owens, Mike Vescera, Blaze Bayley and Amanda Somerville. Check it out the interview with Heleno, Daísa and two more young talents, Pedro Campos and Jefferson Albert!

RtM: First, I repeat: the new album is wonderful, and, to start, I would like you to talk a little about the opening, which is quite different, with the mermaid making a call at first, and then what we see is a real  Metal Opera, for "Hollow's Gathering" is a real musical whirlwind, talk to us a little more about this grand opening, its composition and fantastichoirs !

Heleno - Thanks for the compliments. Personally, I think the opening of the Hollow's Gathering, although simple, is something different than any band has ever done. Not? We chose to leave out the orchestral introductions to create something amazing and at the same, time, beautiful. The soft voice, gentle and wonderful Lígia Ishitani fit perfectly in the Mermaid Sybil's opening speech . Can you feel the wailing voice of the character in Ligia. I shudder whenever I hear that introduction and I can say that I am very proud of the beginning of this disc.

The remainder of this introductory track, I think it keeps a very good level of quality to its outcome and can point out some key strengths, such as Fabio Laguna's keyboards,  which is a national monster (like Gabriel Magioni), a beautiful voice and immense talent of Daisa Munhoz, the best vocalist of heavy metal world, recording and production of corals by countless vocalists, producer and mixer. Still, personally, I want to highlight the end of this song. I consider it one of the passages most "chilling" and tense of all three albums (surpassing even my favorite until then, the end of the song "The Secret Compartment", from our first album).

RtM: " Rescue Into The Storm" and "To Crawl or to Fly" were those that caught my attention quickly, and still among my favorites, complete with the opening track, a bombastic crack! I believe that you should have been satisfied with this opening? Review a little more about them, and of course, the first international guest appearance on the album,  Amanda Somerville.

Heleno - Despite having tried to balance over the tracks of the new album, I always care enough with the first three tracks, because the tracks that are sure to be heard by most people who have the first contact with the Soulspell through this album. I truly believe that all of our albums so far have excellent entries with Age of Silence, Troy and Alexandria, The Labyrinth of Truths, Dark Prince's Dawn and Amon's Fountain and Hollow's Gathering, The Rescue Into The Storm and To Crawl Or To Fly. I think all these tracks have space on a Soulspell's live album.

Actually I'm trying to produce a video clip of The Rescue Into The Storm, because I love this track and I think it would be perfect to portray the theme of the album. About the participation of Amanda Somerville, I can say that is one of the best singers on the planet, next to Daisa Munhoz, and she was always very kind and helpful to me. She is a great artist and a great person. I will follow all your work for the rest of my life and I intend to work with her again if she wants to, because I think her talent is so great that we can still explore many other aspects of her voice.

RtM: And what could you talk about the great contributions of Tim Ripper and Blaze Bayley, known for his stints in Judas Priest and Iron Maiden respectively?

Heleno -  Both had extremely bright and equity linked to the history of Soulspell. I asked Tim Ripper to give a unique interpretation, unique and unlike anything he had ever done to this character so special and mystical  that would be the Sacred Dead Tree. I needed something different and special. The end result surprised me a lot, with a performance remarkably strong and well characterized. The most loyal fans are raising as much as I shiver in the last chorus of the song, knowing what the lyrics mean (the best lyrics I've ever written, in my opinion). About Blaze Bayley I can expound on the words similar to Tim Ripper. My professional relationship with both was very similar and the end result as good.

RtM: Daísa, remember that in an interview you said that you almost do not participated in the project, due to problems that happened a while ago, but Heleno gave to you strength, and we had the luck of the Soulspell have, somehow, revealed a wonderful singer! Today you're practically a unanimous vote. Tell us about that time with Soulspell, and your other projects, like the first Vandroya's album (that will be released in EUA e Europe too), and if you have invitations to participate in other projects?

DAISA: Thank you. I really feel privileged. I have much to thank. I said in that interview that Soulspell brought me renewed blood in my veins, and it is so true. I was well sad with musical scene, I had waves of negative thoughts, almost plunged into depression, thinking that my voice was not so good enough.

At that time, Vandroya had given time activities because we were all feeling without inspirations, had lost members, unwilling to fight, that feeling every six months having to start from scratch, you know?Heleno  and Soulspell called me back to life, and I was smart enough to understand and accept. Then, only wonderful things: studio and touring experience, contacts and amazing people ... It was the life of me putting forward to a new world full of inspirations, and hence to start with Vandroya again was a leap.

The Beautiful Daísa Munhoz is one of the great brazilian Metal revelations
Heleno encouraged us, helped us with contacts and experience that he had. We join forces once again and looks just the result: Vandroya has a wonderful album in his hands, called "ONE", the contract with three record labels (Voice Music in Brazil, Inner Wound in Europe and Spiritual Beast in Japan) and getting answers extremely positive from around the world.

What more could I want? I'm in a wonderful moment of my career. In Brazil, the album comes out the first week of February. Until now I had no invitation to participate in other projects, but I can say I've been collecting amazing contacts.

RtM: Jefferson, talk to us a little more about his influences, how did you began to sing and how to be receiving so many positive reviews? 

Jefferson: I have always been involved in some way with music, studied piano when i was a child until age 12, then played trumpet, trombone and euphonium in marching band. I always liked rock influenced by my uncles. Elton John, John Lennon, Engenheiros do Hawaii (Brazilian Pop Rock band), Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Dio! After the death of my father I think I was a little crazy and started singing already half old man (laughs), aged 21! Regarding the criticism, I think all important, both constructive as destructive, and I know that we always have to learn more and more, after all this is the meaning of life for me, but logical that I'm very happy with compliments! And i can't believe that i giving interviews (laughs)!

RtM: And you, Pedro, who is also emerging as a pleasant revelation (including being the winner of the last contest Soulspell) and has received many compliments, which his immediate plans and how you entered the world of music?

Pedro Campos: My plans are to continue steadfast in Heavy Metal trying to show my work to fans. I'm currently doing some shows with the band Hangar, and was amazing, I take another step in my career in a way that I never imagined I could, stand beside an idol I have is fantastic, Aquiles Priester is an amazing person, a person with much light and I really admire him!

I started like any good lover of heavy metal, listening to bands like Iron Maiden, Guns'n'Roses, Skid Row and the national course! My main influences are Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach and André Matos.

Pedro Campos

RtM: Guys, describe how it is for you to be part of this unique project in Brazil, which now comes to the third album, and continues to reveal talents of our scene?

Jefferson: Wow! Firstly I am honored to be participating in this interview with Heleno Vale I consider one of the best songwriters in the world, across all genres, and I like a true friend, and that gave me a unique opportunity! And that offers opportunity to all artists of this country! Since I heard the Legacy of Honor turned Soulspell fan and I was VERY happy to participate in the end of the first contest in which Raphael Dantas was champion, never imagined that i could join the band live! When he sent me an email to talk about joining the team live, i could not even sleep properly! Anyway, I am and always will be a fan of Soulspell who have been fortunate enough to join the team!

DAISA: is a privilege so great that the more I go through life thanking him for the opportunity, it will not be enough. It is undeniable how much I learned from recording these three albums, grew up musically and how many wonderful people I met in this way.

And the coolest thing is knowing that I am not the only one: the amount of talent revealed by Soulspell is something truly amazing, and shows to all Brazil, how we can reach the same level of international bands.

RtM: Good going forward,Heleno, you mentioned that in ACT III tried to "fix" a few things that thought he could have done differently with respect to previous albums, now, after the album finished and released, and with excellent reviews, you could believe achieve the result you wanted? And this album is also faster and more melodic that the its predecessors.

Heleno - Yes I am sure that we improve in many aspects with respect to the "mistakes" of previous albums, but now I want to correct the mistakes of the current disc (lol). It always does, right? A constant process of evolution. When this feeling stop happening to me, I think it's time to stop, because I have nothing else to contribute to the music and to the brazilian Heavy Metal.

Heleno Vale

RtM: Heleno, you said, the story would have seven parts. How these parts you already idealized?

Heleno - I have all parts idealized. Still do not know if there will be seven parts. I have seven abstracts written parts, but can easily turn these seven parties in five or six or eight or nine parts, so it is impossible to know what will happen. Will greatly depend on the market acceptance of Soulspell, my living situation and financial etc.. Furthermore the project is a Soulspell "family" when that family atmosphere no longer exists, I think we should stop.

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