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Interview Angra - Rafael Bittencourt: "We Are Recovering the Gas From the Beginning of the Band."

Releasing a new DVD and already preparing for the year 2014, guitarist Rafael Bittencourt met our team to also talk about the great time that Angra is living this last year 2013. In this talk, that comes with the interview we did with Fabio Lione (Read it here), Rafael tells all about the 20 years of " Angels Cry ", and the plans for next year.

RtM: This year 2013 is very special in Angra's career , the presence of a new vocalist and shows happening in many places of Brazil and Latin America - all this because of the 20 years since the release of  "Angels Cry" album. Tell us a little bit of the memories that you had from the beginning of your career and the first studio record?

Rafael: In October 1991 I was baptized the band with the name "Angra". 22 years have passed full of ups and downs, and thank God we're celebrating this moment with joy and ease. In 2011, the band completed 20 years of career, and because several factors, we could not celebrate properly.

In 2013, the album "Angels Cry" completes 20 years of its release, so we took advantage of the hook to celebrate this story. Today, Angra is a world reference in this style and contributed greatly to the professional scene in Brazil. I am very proud to be part of it and live a passion that is playing and making music. Everyone in the group are motivated and on the same sintony.

RtM: As we said in the previous question, Angra visited many cities on Brazil to share all this atmosphere of festivity and celebration together with the fans, that even which also featured concerts in some countries in Latin America. How has this marathon of shows?

Rafael: The tour in Brazil and Latin America has been a critical and commercial success, along with the celebration is our yearning for the fans and the stage. The main pretext is to have fun and share that fun with the audience. Receive the approval of the fans in this new phase was a blessing. Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and São Paulo always greeted us with the greatest affection and this time was no different. Today with the internet, the fan closely follows the dramas of the artist and often pities and supports. They brought us the inspiration and enthusiasm that motivates us today.

RtM: Since the beginning of 2012, you had to face the sad departure of vocalist Edu Falaschi, but with the invitation to play in the band 70000 Tons Of Metal, had to hastily call a singer, which ended up being the Italian Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine, Hollow Haze). What did you do to come to him?

Rafael: We received an invitation to play at the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise with several other metal bands and audiences worldwide. At the time we were without singer and producer said that the lack of a vocalist fixed was not a problem and suggested Fabio. It was a huge surprise!

Personally it work very well!!He is very calm, contrasting with the various intense personalities of all of us. Musically, nothing to talk abaou!! The chemistry was impressive in the first test. And it was an opportunity to play for people who did not know Angra, and fans of other styles as well, who were impressed with the results and gave great feedback. There the boat, the public and the artists mingle constantly and have the chance to learn directly from them what they think. We talked a lot between day cruise. All that has everyone excited group and gave a strong desire to set up a tour and come back hard to make plans with the group .

RtM: At this time, there was few people have seen Fabio Lione's live perfomances here in Brazil, and the public response is very important when it comes to this subject. The reception with your fans was what you expected?

Rafael: Angra fans felt a little orphans at the time, and fans of Fabio somehow too, because the Rhapsody of Fire also lost an important member , Luca Turilli. This left fans feeling half melancholy. When we got excited and horny, surprised everyone with a flutter of optimism that spread broadly. As a vocalist, Fabio is a phenomenon and your performance is like a blast to the public. Every show we see the "jaws dropping" in the audience with his charisma and musicality.

RtM: The last show of the tour could not be in another place than in the band's hometown, São Paulo , which ended up combining the recording of a new DVD with special guests, so that fans can understand all that time the band is living. What was the idea you want to register all with a official DVD/CD?

Rafael: We felt that this great moment needed to be documented and shown to all. This DVD is a watershed in the history of the band. We are recovering the gas from the beginning of the band. It was a magical moment of total interaction with fans and guests. We had Tarja Turunen (ex - Nightwish), Familia Lima (brazilian musical group, a family with great musicians, that plays orchestral instruments), Uli Jon Roth (ex - Scorpions guitarist) and Amilcar Christófaro ( drummer, from brazilian band Torture Squad ) - brightening performance even further. We have played some songs we have not played for years, like "Stand Away ", "Gentle Change". In  stores of "Gallery of Rock" (traditional gallery in SP, with a lot of music stores), the first batch sold out in a few hours. It was released in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Asia and is now rekindling prestige that Angra had in their best years.

RtM: Practically everyone knows that the band already has plans to compose new material, already with Fabio Lione on vocals. This material may stamp his full presence in Angra?

Rafael: We want to record the next CD with Lione and want him to stay as long as you want. He is much in demand and has already built a name in the scene, so that he participates in other bands and projects. Not intend to require that it be exclusively ours, but we want it to stay as much as possible with us. Paraphrasing Vinicius de Morais: "It Is Eternal While Dure". We know that is very good climate and energy of the band, and we will work this out if you stay.

RtM: In paralell of Angra, released a solo project in 2008 - Bittencourt Project - which only had a recorded an album. Will you want to restart it in the future?

Rafael: My solo project, Bittencourt Project, I did in 2008 as a kind of outburst. Do not have a frame commercial made by personal need. It was almost an emotional diarrhea. And I love doing. On the other hand, it takes a lot of energy and money for little return. And it's a little frustrating at times. Doing everything yourself is much harder than in a group. I want to return as soon as things settle down with Angra. Maybe next year...

RtM: In parallel, what can we expect from Angra for 2014 ?

Rafael: We're writing new songs for an album in the studio, with Fabio Lione on vocals. We have invitations to some festivals in Europe and Latin America. We will do some more shows touting the DVD and the second half will be releasing the new album .

Interview: Gabriel Arruda/Eduardo Cardore
Revision, edition and notes: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Disclosure

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