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Interview: Cauldron - "If We're Traditional Metal, then yeah!"

Although a relatively new group , Cauldron has become one of the export names of canadian Metal scene , which is full of good bands ( besides Rush and Anvil , the first names that comes to mind ) . Now in 2013 the band formed by Jason Decay ( vocals and bass ) , Ian Chains ( bass) and Myles Deck (drums ) gives a bold step , which is to come to Brazil for their first tour in our lands , baptizing coming as " Brazil 's Lost Tour " .

The tour will consist of six dates spread over the states of São Paulo , Rio de Janeiro , Minas Gerais , Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul , including those of Rio de Janeiro / RJ and São Leopoldo / RS , where we will be doing the official cover , promise to be full of great energy , and Brazilian fans Cauldron promise to attend and fill the concert halls with many black T-shirts , leather pants , long hair and arms at the ready !

To talk about the band’s history, the future , and,  of course , the concerts in Brazil , we talked with Jason , a  really cool interview that you only check here!

(Confira em português clicando aqui).

Road to Metal: The band started in 2006, and playing a Heavy Metal in the vein of the 70’s and NWOBHM, and with certain inclusions of Hard Rock and even Progressive Rock. Could you tell us how it all began and how it shaped your sound?

Jason: Cauldron began as an extension of my previous band Goat Horn. We play the sound and style of what we are fans of and try to emphasize on strong songwriting. This includes a wide variety of influences from Sabbath and Priest to the US Metal Massacre of Obsession, Trouble and Virgin Steele to German stuff like Stormwitch and Gravestone. Not limited to but you get the idea… And let's not forget Desmond Child! We are quite set on the 3-piece element which I think helps set us apart. Also, I think we pay attention to a lot of forgotten or less common production values in our sound.

Road to Metal: Many people and Metal Press are talking about this New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal, including, besides Cauldron, bands like White Wizzard, Enforcer, Skull Fist and others. What do you think about? I think the bands that make the Traditional Metal never stopped, what happens is that one or another sub-division just gaining more prominence.

Jason: I'm not big on the NWOTHM tag. I feel we get lumped in with a lot of bands that aren't so good. It was a term created by the record labels to help market a bunch of bands. If we're traditional metal then yeah, it never stopped. We we're around before a lot of those bands and the difference back then was there was not enough similar bands to lump us in with. At the end of it all anyway, I don't think we sound like any of these bands. We don't have the same sound, songwriting style or production values. I thin we have a much more heavy and gritty organic sound.

Jason Decay
RtM: You released in 2012 your third studio album, "Tomorrow's Lost", which compared to the previous, a certain evolution, in terms melodic or even at times psychedelic. How was the album’s writing process?

Jason: The writing process was much the same as its always been, biggest difference would be that Ian is now contributing more riffs and is more involved in the songwriting and production now.

RtM: In the months of November and December, you will land for the first time in Brazil. What is the expectation for these shows?

Jason: I'm not full of expectations, I've learned from that in the past. I am very excited to take our music to another place far away that we haven't been to before. I'm looking forward to raiding the record shops!

RtM: And what do you know about Brazilian Metal scene?

Jason: Not much, I think the only Brazilian records I own are by Sepultura and Sarcofago. I look forward to learning when I'm there!

RtM: Still talking about the new release. How’s going the reception to "Tomorrow 's Lost"? Is it opening new doors for the band?

Jason: The reception was well both in the press and with the fans and it’s my personal favorite so far but I don't think it’s done anything new for us. We got to play Metallica's Orion festival and now we're going to Brazil so I guess those are new avenues but I'm not sure they we're directly related to Tomorrow's Lost.

RtM: In some interviews accompanying the band had in common a quote on the video for the song "All or Nothing" where guitarist Ian Chains have said something right in common with his life. Could you tell us more about it?

Jason: Well, none of those were our actual real jobs but at the same time they were not too far off. At the time I was working in a department store receiving area, Ian was working in a toy store stockroom and I'm not sure if Chris even had a job at the time so I guess the video represent the frustrations of being trapped in a shitty job in order to make the band work. I think it’s something we can all relate too.

RtM: In the midst of so much technology, so many studio resources, overdubs, etc.. It’s always so good to see bands that use analog equipment, leaving the sound really strong and sounding real! And in this case you seem to be essential. How is for you not to use the technology and facilities that today's studios offer?

Jason: We have a real simple approach to recording; we record the bed tracks live off the floor in the live room together and then we overdub the vocals and lead guitar.  I think this is what keeps the life and human pulse in our recordings. Its when you start relying on technology to make your record that it becomes a problem.

RtM: Your compatriots of Skull Fist were in Brazil recently, they talked to you about our country?

Jason: Yes! They said it was awesome and that they had a great time. They also warned us of a few things to watch out for.

RtM: When we talk about Canadian scene, probably 9 out of 10 people remember Rush! I would like you to talk about the importance of them for you, and as well as other Canadian bands of the scene that had an influence on you. And what you think about the movie “Anvil-The Story of Anvil”, released in 2008?

Jason: I love Rush and Anvil is a great movie. Did you see the shot of me head banging at Lips' 50th birthday bash in the movie? Many bands have a similar story to Anvil; they were fortunate enough to have the right old friend (Sascha) to document their's.

RtM: We would like to thank them for the interview and ask to leave a message to the brazilian fans.

Jason: Thanks for the interview. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Brazil, see you soon!

Interview: Renato Sanson/Carlos Garcia
Edition/revision: Eduardo Cadore/Carlos Garcia
Translation: Wael Daou
Photos: Disclosure
Production: Fame Enterprises

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