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Interview: Kalidia - "We Write Music We Love, Without Paying Attention to the Labels"

Founded in 2010, the Italian band Kalidia releasedd in 2012 the first EP, "Dance of the Four Winds", already earning a good impact in the specialized press. In 2014, reaches your first full-length, "Lie's Device", released independently, and relying on an excellent production, now standing in full disclosure of this work, in order to climb a few steps further and establish your name in the scenario . (read the portuguese version here)

Simply trying to make the music they love, without labels or sub-genres, the Kalidia have a clear idea of their goals and potential. We talk with the voice of the band, the beautiful Nicoletta Rosellini (which for many is already candidate a future new muse of Italian Metal, following the example of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil), who tells us a little more about the production of the album, the causes of have chosen to release it independently, their influences, the Italian scene and more! Check out.

Road to Metal: One question I like to do for new bands, it's what you believe is or will be your advantage or differential to conquer your space in the scenario?
Nicoletta Rosellini: First of all, I'd like to thank you for this interview! We're trying to achieve our own space being ourselves: writing melodic songs, using my modern and not so high pitched voice (too many operatic singers, in my opinion) and being very friendly with fans and supporters.

RtM: I would like you tell us a little about the album’s production, it has been produced by Alessio Lucatti. What led you to choose Alessio to do the production and what he added in terms of ideas and in the band’s sonority?
Nicoletta Rosellini: We met in 2012, when our collaboration and friendship started. I consider the meeting with Alessio the turning point of our career: he worked hard with us and taught us a lot. He gave us the opportunity to show what we can do and I personally owe him a lot.
It was a natural decision to have him doing the production of our album, we never thought about it, we just knew.

RtM: In “Harbinger of Serenity” you had the participation of Andrea Racco, featuring a powerful duet with you. And “In Black And White”, you had Alessandro Lucatti. Tell us more about the idea to invite them, and a little more about this songs and the participation of both.
Nicoletta Rosellini: Andrea, Alessandro and Alessio are from the power-prog band Etherna; we shared the stage with them many times and we became very good friends during the years.
When I was recording “Harbinger of Serenity”, I realized the song need some rough vocals since the guitar riffs were strong; I had no doubt, Andrea was the right vocalist. When I heard his recording for the first time, I was astonished! With Alessandro, things went more like “Hey! Let's do something together”, during one of his visit to his brother's studio.

RtM: Listening to the album, and i've commented with you, we cannot put a label on the band's sound, because you blend classic Heavy Metal, with a touch of power metal, with lots of melody and Symphonic Metal. In "Lie's Device" do you believe have managed to get where you thought in terms of sound, to have an identity?
Nicoletta Rosellini: I think there's still more room for improvements, but we like what we've done; we didn't focused on one genre but we let our inspiration flow. That's why there are some different influences in our work. We write music we love, without paying attention to the labels

RtM: About the “Kalidia’s identity”, I think the song “The Lost Mariner” translates well what is that identity. Heavy Metal symphonic and melodic, and a distinct and your beautiful voice.Would you comment a little more about this affirmation and about this song?
Nicoletta Rosellini: “The Lost Mariner” was the first song we composed, back in 2011, and we are very attached to it. I think it represents Kalidia well: it's a great mix of power, melody and catchy vocal lines.
The lyrics were inspired by the English poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by S. T. Coleridge.

RtM: The title song, “Lie’s Device”, is also a good example of Kalidia’s sound. The initial riff reminded me that Classic Metal like Rainbow, there are symphonic and melodic parts, and strong lyrics. Would you tell us more about this song, your lyrics and why did you choose it to be the title track?
Nicoletta Rosellini: “Lies' Device” was one of the last songs we worked; we chose it to be the title track because it shows many shades of our influences: power, progressive and some excellent keys work. Also, its title sounds unusual and its theme give us the idea of the artwork. The song explores Pirandello's mask theme: everyone in the world is forced to wear a mask and be what others want.

Rtm: “Dollhouse (Labyrinth of Thoughts)”, is a beautiful and melodic song, and besides “The Lost Mariner”, is one of my favorites. Could you comment more about this song too?
Nicoletta Rosellini: “Dollhouse” was the first song we composed after the released of our demo-EP “Dance of the Four Winds”; it's more rock and less heavy. It also show some of my lowest range, which I love.
The lyrics were inspired by the TV-Serie “Dollhouse”.

RtM: And Nicoletta, talking about your voice, I really enjoyed what I heard. You have a different voice of those vocalists who use more of that soprano voice, you have a strong and clean voice, but without losing femininity, also different of vocalists who use more masculine nuances, like Doro and Leather Leone. Talk a little about your influences and how you began this journey in music and Heavy Metal?
Nicoletta Rosellini: Before taking any lessons, I begin my career at 16 years old, with an hard rock band where I used to sing some covers of Deep Purple, Guns 'n Roses, Free; after that, I started taking some professional lessons and I also experienced some operatic techniques (I admits, as almost every teenage metalhead, I was a Tarja's victim) but, fortunately, I decided to focus on modern vocals. 

I think what make me different is my musical background: I'm not an hard-die fan of female fronted band (even if I like band like Delain, Xandria, Within Temptation and Anette Olzon's Nightwish), I prefer warm-male voices. I take my inspiration mainly from Roy Khan (ex-Kamelot), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Vision Divine), Jorn Lande, Joacim Cans (Hammerfall).

RTM: You are now releasing your debut, “Lie’s Device”, in an independent manner. Which is the reason of this option? What advantages and disadvantages to release in an independent manner?
Nicoletta Rosellini: We sent our promo material to many different labels and we received some offers, but none of them satisfied us. I personally think that nowadays small-label contracts are for lazy people: they ask you money for things and promotion you can do by yourself. 

RtM: Do you believe, as the case may be more practical to release an independent album than being on a label and not having the proper attention, because there are many bands in the cast of the label, and also the different treatment for some groups?
Nicoletta Rosellini: As a independent band, we are totally free to do what we want we our music and take our own decisions about our path; also every album sold is 100% founding the band; the downside of being independent is that you have to personally take care of everything, but I can handle it.
Also, I see many bands with a label-contract being left alone after they paid for the deal; the labels release their album, do some small promotion and that's all. I think we are achieving more than those bands.

RtM: And as you see the current situation of the scenario in Italy? Besides Kalidia, what other bands do you think will reach a level of bands like Rhapsody or Lacuna Coil reached, even in terms of popularity?
In Italy, we have many talented underground bands but, during the last decade, it has become very hard to gain some space in this saturated scenario. 
Nicoletta Rosellini: In my personal opinion, the reasons are two: on one side, big labels are not paying to much attention on newcomers band and the small ones are not doing great promotion; on the other side, people are not supporting the bands: in our country, it's not unusual to find just few attenders at worthy local underground concerts. 
I think no other band will reach the popularity of Rhapsody or Lacuna Coil, but we have some great power-prog bands, like Vision Divine, Labyrinth, DGM, Kaledon, 4th Dimension, Derdian, Ancient Bards.

RtM: Well, thanks for your attention, hopefully soon see Kalidia winning more and more fans and lifting higher flights. Now, I let the space for your message to the fans and readers!
Nicoletta Rosellini: Thank you for this interview! I'd like to thank all the people who support us: we hope to meet all of you on tour, one day! Stay tuned on our social pages for more news. Cheers from Italy!

Interview by: Carlos Garcia
Photos: files ceded by the band/band's press release

Nicoletta Rosellini: Vocais
Federico Paolini: Guitarras
Nicola Azzola: Teclados
Roberto Donati: Baixo
Gabriele Basile: Bateria

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