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Interview: Temperance - Music Without Impose Limits


A relatively new band, but with experienced musicians in the Italian scene, which decided to start this new journey baptized Temperance, in order to produce music without imposing limits, expressing themselves through various nuances and styles. A good definition of what Temperance are.

 Ascending group in the Italian and world metal scene, showing a great potential in its two albums, "Temperance" (2014) and "Limitless" (2015), released in a short space of time.

We had a talk with the beautiful and talented (and very kind person too) singer Chiara Tricarico, who told us more about Temperance, the excellent results already achieved, the expectations, the way the band works, the diversity of their music, career and more! Check it out and learn a little more of this grateful new name in Metal scene.


RtM: To start, a little of history. How surged the idea of ​​forming the Temperance? You sought to do something new, fresh and different from what you had done in previous bands?  Tell us some of the history of the band, which, although short, already has some interesting achievements.
Chiara Tricarico: Well, we can can say that Temperance is quite a new band, since we have formed less than two years ago. We had been knowing each other for several years, and some of us were already playing together in other bands. We decided to start this new journey all together, to play music in which to merge everything we like. Everything went on in such a natural way, that we feel like we have been playing together for a million years. This is how Temperance was born.

RtM: Well, almost a year after the release of the first album you've released the second! Currently it is not very common. For fans it is great, for the band also interesting, because you will have more material to play live. But, tell us, it happened naturally? Have you had enough material and then, due to the good results of the debut, did you think was better to release a new album soon?
Chiara: Our second album, “Limitless”, was composed immediately after our US tour. We were still so excited and inspired by that experience that we just counld’t refrain ourselves from starting working on this new album. Everything came out in the most natural way: we had been spending many time together on tour and on stage, and all of this had brought many new ideas in our minds. In facts, we decided to include 13 tracks on “limitless”, which is quite unusual for a metal album... we felt we had many new things to say, and we decided to gift our fans with so many tracks.

RtM: And now? Fans will be expecting a new album next year! Hehehe! 
Chiara: Ahah, who knows?

RtM: In "Limitless" you added new elements, and showed that the band is not afraid to dare and come up with new things, in fact, the title was well suited. Innovate and not give limits to yourself is the way to get succes and longevity in a such competitive scenario?
Chiara: When we work on new material, we actually don’t care about what people are  expecting from us: music is our way to express ourselves, and we want to play music that we like. This is why we do not impose limits or standards to our stream of inspiration. Above all, we want to have fun.

RtM: And what are the main differences beetween the debut  and "Limitless"?
Chiara: As I mentioned before, after the release of our debut album “Temperance”, we had the chance to play many live gigs and to spend much time together. So, there was a deep evolution in the band and in all of us as persons. The empathy between us has increased (and keeps on increasng day after day, gig after gig), and probably this is why we in some ways felt more confindent about experimenting new solutions and new sounds. 

Talking about the vocal lines, I had the chance to express myself in many new ways in this new album: i’m glad that also my operatic vocals, as well as more rock and more pop parts have found their own place in this new work. And the same can be said about the music: we have included new atmospheres and new song structures. We can say that there are both more aggressive and more catchy parts in “Limitless”.

RtM: Temperance has several nuances, mixing  very well melody and aggressiveness with a modern sound , using various effects and synthesizers and many  variations on vocals. I would like you comment a little more how did you "forged" the sound of the band, and also wich bands or artists you would cite that served as "influences" or "inspiration" for the Temperance?
Chiara: Our songs are the result of a mixture of the musical influnces of each member of the band. We like many different genres, starting from extreme metal, to classical music, to electro, to pop. I personally love expressing what I feel by means of different vocal styles, and this is why you can hear many of them in our tracks, and the same is valid for the other guys.

RtM: The excellent initial triad of the album, the songs "Oblivion," "Amber Fire" and "Save Me" show this diversity, and also all the ability to Chiara on vocals. Always with power, heavy tunes and melody walking together, "Oblivion" is more symphonic, "Amber and Fire" has folk elements, while "Save Me" has bits of extreme Metal. I would like you comment a little more about these songs and this diversity of Temperance.
Chiara: The opener is amongst my favorite on the album. We think that the children choir in its beginning is one of the highlights of the album, and we are totally proud of it. In facts, Oblivion is quite a symphonic song, and this is why we decided to put elements such as the above mentioned children choir and the operatic vocals. “Amber and fire” holds some folkish elements in it, but is has also a psychedelic part in the middle, and the lyrics are introspective. “Save Me” was the first music vídeo taken from “limitless”. It is a song full of energy and we have much fun while performing it live.
Pic by Simone Silvestri
RtM: And the diversity of the album continues, and "Stay" follows a line more melodic and with commercial potential and "Mr. White "is also quite different and even curious. Highlighting again the ability to Chiara, who does very well in these different nuances. I would like you to comment a little more about these two songs.
Chiara: “Stay” sounds like a ballad in its very beginning, but suddenly the sound gets more heavy, and it ends up with the growls in the end. All the growls and sceams in the album are by a friend of us, named Aymen, who is the singer for the band “Psychotria”.

“Mr. White” is our very personal tribute to the famous TV series “Breaking Bad”...we all are big fans of it in the band, and we decided to include it in the album. It is another song that we totally love playing during our live gigs.

RtM: And how was the production of both albums, how Works this process and the writing process in Temperance?
Chiara: Well, the writing process of “Limitless” was more or less the following: Giulio and Marco composed all the musics and I wrote all the lyrics. Obviously, each member of the band adds its contribution to the outcome of the songs, and we share ideas very often.

“Limitless”, just like its predecessor, was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni... we like to consider him as the sixth member o four band, and we think that he did an amazing job also on this album.

RtM: Chiara, I would like you to talk to us some of that ability to sing so well in several different nuances, how you started in music, your influences and what care you have with your voice?
Chiara: I have been taking singing lessons for several years now. In the beginning i started with the study of operatic singing, and only recently I have started with the modern vocals. I like to express myself in many diferente ways, and this is why I do not limit myself in just one vocal style. I like both the operatic, the pop and the more aggressive and rock styles, and usually I also do the growls and screams on stage ahah.

RtM: And the results achieved by the band so far? They are within your expectations?
Chiara: We can say that we are very proud of the work that we have done, and we are very happy about the response of both the audience and the media. But we never stop, and we work day by day to improve ourselves.

RtM: Several reviews suggest the band as a potential revelation. As far as you believe that the band can get? What's next steps for Temperance?
Chiara: We play for ourselves and not to achieve any particular goal...so, we go on our way, and we are ready to gather in our arms whatever happens.

The next steps for Temperance will be for sure a bunch of gigs in order to promote our “Limitless”.

RtM: Italy has Always had great names in Metal, and one of the characteristics of Italian bands was always careful with the melodies. What do you attribute this feature and how you see the Italian Metal scene and European today?
Chiara: We think that there are many good bands in Italy...I’m talking about popular ones such as Lacuna Coil, Rhapsody of Fire, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Elvenking, Secret Sphere, Upon This Dawning... but there are also many growing bands with brilliant ideas and that really have something to say.

Subtitle this photo! heheeh

RtM: Chiara, thanks for your time, we hope to have shown a little more of Temperance to the readers, and also presented the band to more people! I let this final the space for your message to readers and fans!
Chiara: Thank you very much Road To Metal! It was a real pleasure!

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Thank you again guys for the support! 

Interview by: Carlos Garcia

Temperance are:
Chiara - Vocals Marco - Lead Guitar & Vocals Sandro - Rhythm Guitar Luca - Bass Giulio - Drums & Keys

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Pic by Andrea Pensalfine

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