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Meet & Greet Report – MASTERPLAN: facing adversities and consequentials in its second time on Porto Alegre (2015/10/18 – El Toro Pub – Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil)

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What would be a show turned out to be a Meet & Greet among friends. That was the final outcome of the back of the German band MASTERPLAN to Porto Alegre after 10 years.

The day of 18th october 2015 had everything to be a hystoric reunion from gaúcho’s fans with MASTERPLAN,  even more the band is recovering the old way, and came in a great South American tour, from its latest release, the CD/DVD “Keep Your Dream Alive”, as well as its latest studio album, called “Novum Initium”, with new line-up.

Actually, MASTERPLAN line-up is the tireless Roland Grapow (guitar/backing vocals, ex-Helloween), Axel Mackenrott (keyboards), Rick Altzi (vocals, also member from At Vance), Jari Kainulainen (bass, ex-Stratovarius and Evergrey) and Martin Skaroupka (drums, also member from Cradle Of Filth).

With a team like this is hard to believe as there was no show, right? But, the local producer (Urânio Produtora) who was responsible for the event did not seem to know the attraction in your hands. For a band with great musicians who participated in consecrated bands, the essential was a mass release, good marketing over the guys, because we are in front of one of the best composers from Power Metal in the world, called Roland Grapow, ex-member for amazing Helloween, you’re your output is felt till nowadays. We also had Jari Kainulainen, ex-member for Stratovarius and Evergrey.

But nothing was done. The local producer simply created the event and did not any disclosure about. When we have gigs with nice disclosure even so the audience is not satisfactory; without disclosure is much worse. Result: the producer deciced to cancel the show, one week before the date. Reason: low ticket sales.

Then, the question is: How to sell tickets without any disclosure? A lot of people didn’t know the event, a lost event created on Facebook, moveless, without infos, nothing. I can tell you by own experience to work with production/disclosure of gigs (Deicide, Behemoth, Moonspell), if you want to maintain yourself alive like producer, you must to know what you have in your hands and make the event reach as far as possible. It’s useless you have nice bands in your cast but a poor and amateur marketing. In this case, surely a great neglect of the producer with the fans.

In the middle of this torment the local of show, El Toro Pub, anounced that even without perform, band would come to Porto Alegre for a Meet & Greet with fans. MASTERPLAN could have simply follow the tour without going through here, but by respect by southern fans they came and fans liked the idea. And even near the date of event, the El Toro Pub tried to attract the attention of fans.

Then, in the day of event the local anounced will be opened at 7 p.m., but MASTERPLAN anounced in a video the 8 p.m. On the Meet & Greet the fans can be with musicians, take photos, get autographs, etc. Who acquired the ticket (being sold at the time, with all the money for the band) would win the latest CD/DVD “Keep Your Dream Alive”, plus exclusive tshirt from South American Tour.

By logistic questions, Martin Skaroupka drummer didn’t come to this tour, and was replaced by Kevin Kott (At Vance), present at the Meet & Greet.

Entering the pub the musicians was smiling, talking and watching the screen intently, which was being passed the DVD, where we can also check exclusively. The friendly atmosphere and harmony between the musicians was contagious, of course the greater willingness of them were playing, but it was visible the satisfaction of being there with the fans, signing it, taking pictures, answering trivia and etc ... It is not whenever we are dealing with musicians who are fans, and in this case be in the same space of a legend like Roland Grapow, talking, laughing is something surreal.

Rick Altzi is extremely friendly and communicative, even so drummer Kevin Kott. Already Jari and Axel were most reserved but not less charismatic. Enough to get near them to talk and they opened a large smile. Of course, the most harassed of the night was Roland, a simple and humble man, something rare coming from famous musicians.

But, before go away it was necessary take some infos about MASTERPLAN, like future plans, and in a quick conversation with Roland he reveals that 2016 the band will release another album with re-recordings from your times in Helloween, where will have songs like “The Chance”, “The Time Of The Oath”, “The Dark Ride” and others.

Certainly, it was a great night for restrict audience, but very much lively with interaction beyond musicians and fans. We would like to thank very much the El Toro Pub by nice reception and opportunity and we were cheering for the return of the MASTERPLAN to Porto Alegre, of course, since it is for responsible producer.

Report: Renato Sanson
Photos: Diogo Nunes
English version: Marcello Camargo

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