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Interview - Chaos Synopsis: Ancient Gods and Powerful Death/Thrash

Founded in 2005 in São José dos Campos (SP), the band Chaos Synopsis already has a very enviable curriculum, having already 3 full-lenghts of studio and one live album, also having several shows outside Brazil, reaching good repercussion out there. With the most recent work, "Gods of Chaos" (2016), where they debuted a new lineup, the band again received a lot of praise for their vigorous, technical and creative Death/Thrash, wich was pointed out by several publications and sites as one of the best albums of 2016. Last year the band continued the "Gods of Chaos Tour", returning again to Europe for 23 shows, going through 7 countries, then going on to more shows in Brazil.

We talked with the founder Jairo Vaz Neto to talk about "Gods of Chaos", which brings its theme to the ancient gods of different cultures, as well as tell us more about the 4 tours abroad and that upward path that the group has been going through. Check it out.    (Versão em Português)

RtM: Greetings Jairo, let's start already talking about the "Gods of Chaos". Well, in the previous albums you always focused on some central theme, I would like you to tell us about the concept of the album, which talks about ancient gods. How did the idea come about?
Jairo Vaz Neto: When we were invited to record the split "Intoxicunts" (2016), I wrote a letter about the Egyptian chaos god Apep. When I finished the lyrics, I was immediately given the name of the album and the theme, which I liked a lot.

RtM: Still on the concept, the lyric part of your albums is always very interesting. How was the choice and the research of these theme, about mythological figures and ancient gods?
Jairo: I usually do the research and give a quick read on the subject in question, with this the figures chosen come up and then I dig deeper into each one. In the case in question, I made a point of trying to include figures from all over the globe, with a vast pantheon that refers to several different ages.

All the instruments heard on the album were recorded to sound as close as possible to the sound we make at concerts."

RtM: One characteristic that is noticed in your albums, is the quest to always bring something different to each one. In "Gods of Chaos" it seems to me a more direct and brutal album than its predecessors. Coincided with the choice of the theme "Gods of Chaos" the fact of presenting a corresponding sonority? I would like you to comment on it.
Jairo: It was not much of a thought, we usually put a deadline and we worked to get the songs ready by then, so we got together and we saw what came out. I think we brought some of what we did in "Kvlt ov Dementia", as we inserted more melodies, a contribution that came from Diego Sanctus, who brought much of his different form of creation.

RtM: The production sounded even more raw. Have you opted for something more raw purposely in order to highlight the weight and brutality of "Gods of Chaos"? I would like you to comment a little about the production of the album.
Jairo: It was intentional. We wanted an album with nothing but guitar, bass, drums and vocals, without the inclusion of samplers and such. All the instruments heard on the album were recorded from amplifiers, with no change of timbres in the mix, leaving as close as possible to the sound we make at concerts.

RtM: The album marks the debut of Luiz and Diego on guitars, so I would like you to comment on these line-up changes, what criteria are valued for searching new members, not to compromise the band's identity, and what the duo brought back to the band's sound?
Jairo: Both are great guitar players, each in his own way. Diego has many ideas of compositions and melodies, contributing a lot to the creation of the songs. As for Luiz, besides the contributions in the solos of the album, he is the guy worth having on the road, besides being a lot of fun, he has been with us as a roadie since 2013 and understands well what it's like to be on the road, besides being responsible, is to enjoy traveling, to have fun with us and to want to go ever further.

 "Something very cool about the song 'Raising Hell' is that the lyrics were written by my grandfather, in an old poem of his, called 'The Satanic Triad'."

RtM: Among the songs on the album, I would like you to comment a little more about the sonority and opening themes with "Raising Hell" and "Sixteen Scourges", which, inspired by different cultures, but deal, say, with the figure supreme evil according to these cultures.
Jairo: "Raising Hell" I think it's the music with the most Chaos Synopsis footprint of the whole album and I believe it brings the best known theme, Satan, which in our country is the best known mythological figure. Something very cool about this sound is that the lyrics were written by my grandfather, in an old poem of his, called 'The Satanic Triad'. "Sixteen Scourges" has that death metal footprint of the '90s, brutal and fast, bringing Ahriman, the incarnate evil, of the first known monotheistic religion. The two have a connection, since they are basically the same figure, being that much of the history of Christianity is influenced by Zoroastrianism.

RtM: You have looked for themes in different cultures, and I highlight "Storm of Chaos", inspired by Taino mythology and "The Beast that Sieges Heaven", which speaks of Typhoon, from Greek mythology, drought god, which represents air in its form more furious. I would like you to say a little more about these two songs as well.
Jairo: "Storm of Chaos" is one of the band's fastest songs, with a brutal footprint, just to reflect the goddess of hurricanes, which destroys everything that goes by. "The Beast" has a good inspiration in the song "Chaos Synopsis ", The band's first composition. A destructive footprint, with heavy riffs and changes of tempo, especially during the battle between Zeus and Typhoon on Mount Olympus in the lyric part.

 "We sell about 500 CDs on this tour, which for an underground band is a very considerable number."

RtM: The band this year went to their fourth tour abroad, is that it? Tell us how these opportunities came about, because many bands still only dream of playing outside the country.
Jairo: After the first time in 2010, in which we went in the face and the courage with 3 marked shows and getting there we scored a few more, we got a lot of contacts, which we still have, and we have won more and more fans around the old continent. which facilitates and a lot of our going and the negotiations of shows. In addition, our manager Xandão, of On Fire Booking, works ceaselessly so that the tours are getting bigger and that they always go through new places.

RtM: What conditions did you find on these tours out there in terms of infrastructure? And what added to the band also in terms of experience, return on bandwidth and economically were positive experiences?
Jairo: What makes it a lot easier to tour around Europe is that the distances are smaller, the roads better and it is common for people to go on weekday shows. Play every day brings a lot of business experience, schedule appointments, follow rules and live with a lot of different people. Each tour has a bigger return, economically speaking, because sales numbers always increase with each tour. We sell about 500 CDs on this tour, which for an underground band is a very considerable number.

RtM: The Nervochaos went through some problems on their recent tour outside, specifically in Bangladesh, where they could not introduce themselves, being detained at the airport. Did you ever go through any uncomfortable situation on a tour? Here on Brazil or in another country?
Jairo: Overall we are very well received by all the promoters, both here and there, the most catch in a tour is even the physical condition. This year, we had a concert in Prague in the Czech Republic, we were coming from a concert in Berlin the night before that the cold was extreme and we could not play due to fever and pain in the body of two members. We do not always have a hotel to sleep in, often due to the distance we sleep in the van while we travel and an hour arrives that the body can not handle.

"We continue step by step, making all the shows excellent and fun for us and the public..."

RtM: Even the Brazilian Metal Extreme have good representation and recognition, what do you think is missing for more bands here in Brazil to get a bigger exposure, and to have, for example, conditions to receive a support like bands as Sepultura, which is with Nuclear Blast now, and even Krisiun and Nervosa, who are in labels such as Century Media and Napalm Records?
Jairo: Basically, since most bands do not make money, it's difficult to invest in advertising. Large labels invest in bands that will bring financial returns and for this a band needs to appear a lot independently or have a sponsor who makes the tracks. It's a lot of work and a bit of luck. Besides, we are very far from the big poles, Europe and the USA, which makes it difficult for the sound to reach the right people.

RtM: And the plans for the immediate future? And also the steps that you understand what the band needs to give from now on in order to evolve in all areas?
Jairo: We are all marking more shows for the release of "Gods of Chaos", but we have already planned everything we will do until 2020, but we focus on now, besides the concerts, we should record some sounds for the launch of an EP for 2018. If we have something we like, it's to record! We continue step by step, making all the shows excellent and fun for us and the public, regardless of how many are watching us. I have a thought that it does not matter the end, but all the way travelled.

RtM: Jairo, thank you for the attention, hope many achievements come to the band, and i let the final space for your message to the readers, remembering that we are also making the interview available in English, in order to reach your fans outside, and also introduce the band to more people.
Jairo: I thank you for the space, to study the history of the band and to deepen the themes to create the agenda, this is very important and shows a great respect for the band. I thank all who support the band and I hope to meet everyone on the road anytime.

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Press Management: Rômel Santos

Jairo Vaz - Voice of Command and Heavy Attack
Friggi - Mad Beats
Luiz Ferrari - Deadly Arrows
Diego Santos - Tormentor

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