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W.A.S.P.: Golgotha ​​Brings What Fans Expect From the Band

The W.A.S.P., that one from '80s, which drew attention and shocked the purists with their theatrical performances (with the right to nude models, raw meat, reenactments of torture, etc.) and many sexually oriented lyrics, including also becoming one of the favorite target of the PMRC, and several albums have received a label "Parental Advisory", which also becoming in more publicity for some artists, the time was becoming and just like the look more sober, the lyrical content was also changing, and we can put the album "The Headless Children" (89) as a divider, marking this change of sound and attitude, of course, all this according to their mentor, Blackie Lawless (WASP is Lawless, we cannot deny). In the same year the band broke up, and in 1992, what was to be a Lawless' solo album, was released under the name W.A.S.P., making it their masterpiece, the acclaimed conceptual album "Crimson Idol".
Since then, between several exchanges of members, Lawless has been releasing albums regularly, and keeping the band relevant with good albums like the two parts of "The Neon God" (2004) and "Babylon" (2009), the last studio album until 2015, which finally sees the light of  the day the new work, "Golgotha," which has been produced since 2011 (in the meantime Lawless also underwent surgery, because a broken leg).

About the writing process, i have to open parentheses for some Blackie Lawless' cool words: "One thing you learn over the years in the song writing process, is that after the songs begin to take shape, they will eventually start to talk back to you and they will tell you where they wanna go.  The trick is learning to listen when they speak." 

Battling anxiety and expectation of hearing a new work after 6 years, time to listen "Golgotha". Well, the first chords of "Scream", the opening track, it is possible to identify that is WASP that is playing, simple like that! the melodies, the voice feature of Lawless, the backing vocals, the hooked chorus and a heavy sound, great choice for opening track. No inventions or complications, is WASP! and it is very good!

"Last Runaway" has a melody "lighter", a well taken Hard Rock, pleasant and catchy, and in its lyrics Lawless talks about the time he spent difficulties in Hollywood, being virtually a homeless for a period; "Shotgun" is also very "commercial", with kind of simple melodies, but very cool, and showing that the old Lawless forged a fine collection of melodies and choruses "sticky" in recent times, something that he is a master.
"Miss You" is a ballad performed with emotion in that familiar formula of Metal ballads, which grows in the chorus, that longer, melodic and deep guitar solo, in fact, a beautiful solo by Doug Blair.  And Lawless has wrote in WASP's web site that "Miss You" was the first song he has written to the album "Crimson Idol", which along with two others, did not enter the album;
"Fallen Under" sounds introspective and is gaining in emotion and power, highlighting a beautiful work of Dupke on drums, well ... the chorus again are great; "Slaves of the New World Order" begins with vocal melodies accompanied by keyboard (it has a well-placed hammonds, which incidentally, appear on several tracks), to then enter "galloping riffs", traditional rhythms and even a choir ("hey hey hey hey!"), surely you've heard something like that, even in some W.A.S.P. albums, but it is done by those who knows about the business!
"Eyes of My Maker", brings more good melodies and choruses, and also an air "nostalgic", well, i felt this for all the work, I want to reaffirm what i have said at the beginning, is simply W.A.S.P., with all the features we know. Well, the music follows the pattern of the album, which is more introspective as a whole, with the songs following this more "ballad" way, but never being tiring, as well as "Hero of the World," which follows a similar taken .

"Golgotha", the title track, is pretty much a "power ballad" with structure and melodies in a simple way, as well as other songs on the album, but with a melodic sense made by someone who really knows what are doing! Highlighting the great chorus and striking vocals of Lawless, who has no major variations or features, but has the main one being the personality and feeling.
An album in which the W.A.S.P. fan will find everything they'd expect, great choruses and catchy melodies, Heavy/Hard without inventions or without instrumental dazzling, after all, who have said that good music has to be complicated? Quite the opposite! And 33-years of career are not 3! Blackie Lawless, thanks for giving us what we expect, good music of the great W.A.S.P.!

Carlos Garcia 

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: W.A.S.P.
Album: Golgotha (2015)
Country: EUA
Genre: Heavy/Hard
Label: Napalm Records

Blackie Lawless - Vocals, Guitarist
Mike Duda - Bass Guitar
 Doug Blair - Lead Guitar
Mike Dupke - Drums

Track listing
 Last Runaway
 Miss You
 Fallen Under
 Slaves Of The New World Order
 Eyes Of My Maker
 Hero Of The World

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