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Interview: Hevilan - "The Search for Excellence is Critical

Hevilan, watch this name! Was one of the highlights in the brazilian Metal scene last year with the release of debut "The End of Time", first album, that had to take a longer time to be released since the band was formed in 2005. They released in 2006 EP "Blinded Faith",  which received great reviews, including being featured on the most important magazine in the country, Roadie Crew , where "Blinded Faith” was appointed as one of the best EPs of recent times .

The band did not relax with accolades, and continued working and searching musical maturity, working their compositions, for, at the time understood as the right, selected and registering  high quality songs, recording the album at four different studios , and even counting as guest stars such as Aquiles Priester on drums and Vitor Rodrigues, former vocalist of brazilian Death/Thrash band Torture Squad, participating in 3 tracks .

The band is also preparing the release of the album overseas, and recently recorded the track "Quest of Illusion 2014", which will come as a bonus track. Recently the guitarist Johnny Moraes was selected for the support band of vocalist Warrel Dane on his South America’s tour.
Check out the exclusive interview with the band, where we talked  with Johnny Moraes (Guitars), Biek Yohaitu (bass) about the album, Future Plans, and more! (To portuguese version, click HERE)

Road to Metal: Hevilan is a band with some history , with a few years down the road , but it seems that despite the prominence with the EP " Blinded Faith " in 2006 , only now , with the release of " The End of Time " that the group began to attract more attention. The year 2013 was the ideal choice to lfinally launch your debut? Since when have you had these songs and when they decided it was time to make them part of an album?

Johnny Moraes : Actually, the choice of the year 2013 to release the album was not intentional, the production of the album was delayed even . It involved the participation of four different studios : Spark , El Rocha, Johnny's lair and finally Norcal , which was finalized . The songs involve a large compositional period with me and Biek . The newest song of this work is the "Re - Genesis" .

Biek Yohaitus : We compose much because we feel very good about it . For this work were almost 30 songs of mine and Johnny's. We selected 9 songs from "The End of Time" in 2012 . Other 5 are already recorded, one came out as bonus track here in Brazil ( " Blinded Faith " ) and "Quest of Illusion" is now out in Europe in the first half . Both are re-recordings of songs from our first EP .

Road to Metal : When placing the disc turns , the first impression is that the band has a lot of energy and make a strong and fast sound, but without sounding too technical , ensuring all the necessary elements to make a great album. Despite the quality of all the members , what struck me right away was the lead singer Alex Pasqualle , with a very aggressive stance , without forgetting the melody , a bit unusual in the Brazilian scene. Talk a bit more about the current training and how it defines the personality of the band today.

BY : The most important is the personal and musical maturity of us, that are the Hevilan today. We have had other bands and learn from our mistakes . Therefore, we can create a difficult part to play , or we can also make the composition flow more naturally. The sound of Hevilan (dark, aggressive, but at the same time with melody ) always pleased us very much.

JM : We always will value the song . A good guitar riff , a good vocal melody . Therefore, we need a great singer and found that person in Alex, who I believe to be one of the best in Brazil, no doubt.

Road to Metal : Talk a bit like the opportunity arose to rely Aquiles Priester in this album, with a special guest. And who will take the sticks now in the band. What characteristics you looked for new member ? Sure is a great musician , since some parts created by Achilles, added the sound of Hevilan, require quite skills to the newcomer .

JM : The opportunity to participate Achilles came through a mutual friend , Ricardo Nagata , who referred to the recording . About the new drummer , I guarantee that everyone will be surprised positively with the choice .

BY : Some things are important for the Hevilan . First, one has to be technically capable of performing all the songs . Second, have a good relationship with everyone. Being star never helped any band to get anywhere . And third and most difficult, is to be Metal as we are. It does not help knowing how to play and auction work appeared because " gig" on the day . Ball players and makers of " gig" not intended to play metal .

Road to Metal : Still on equity , the truth is that the band had a great group of artists who helped make " The End of Time " one of the highlights of 2013 . Talk to us about to have a choir and strings quartet on it . Always seems to sound very complicated record with these elements , since most bands use keyboards or schedules . Share that experience with readers .

BY : It must be said : The recording process is simple , it is as if it were live . The difficulty in such a case is to set the arrangement , and then look for good musicians and good singers . Then rehearse and properly govern them all, be clear on how it has to be and extract the best from each.

JM : Setting the coral primarily, is not a simple task . So much so that we redid all corals , since the first time , the result did not reach our expectation .

BY : Truth Johnny , notes and rhythm were there , but did not due to the " punch" . As we climbed the band mix in the choir was " skinny " too . In addition , we also recorded a coral -test in pre-production to see how was the arrangement . This was helpful, because I could correct the " stroke of the pen " in "Son of Messiah " and " Sanctum Imperium " (check out the video below ) .

Road to Metal : Some bands believe that the best way to reproduce the same punch live in the studio, it's with a more vintage style, with the band recording together, using the analog system , and that the overuse of technology and studio trickery , can be a trap , making the artificial sound and even masking deficiencies . What do you think about ?

JM : The advent of digital recording brought much greater clarity , both in the collection of instruments , as for the mixing and final master disc . Nowadays, this perfection of execution, capturing and mixing, is almost a prerequisite for launching a material on the market. If you do not have those resources, the public does not have the same acceptance of the material .

Road to Metal : You have used different studios to record the album . I believe it was to find the best sound for each instrument . You have reached the expected result ? And while the hook of the previous question , what to do not to overdo the care and use of studio technology and risk losing the feeling of the recording and let the artificial sound ?

JM : Just one of the reasons for the delay of release of the album , it was our perfectionism in the recording , everything had to be exactly the way we listened to in our head , and while we did not achieve what we were seeking , we did not give ourselves satisfied .

BY : And it hurt, but we were happy and learned a lot during the recording. This is one of the beauties of life and especially music, always new experiences lead us to learn and improve.

JM : Not to lose the feeling of the recording, is a hint: look to make longer cuts . Try not to make amendments in the same riff , for example. For soils , try improvising a bit in the studio before the final takes, sometimes it will bring you great results .

Road to Metal: You have invested heavily in the album , from the graphics to the final mixes and mastering . I believe this is the way. If you do not invest heavily in a professional work and high level , you can not space in your scenario . What you think about and one of the major problems is the lack of scene to invest in a more professional manner, and to not be able to afford to release an album or even an EP , whether physical or on the web , the best is not doing it to not end up " burning " ?

JM : Without a doubt . If you can not put a high quality material on the market , it is better to wait a little longer to launch your disc. All part of a job well done , polished and released the right way . It is from there that reaps the best rewards. Investing in dissemination today is also very important.

BY : Most important is to make sure you have the right songs and that is really the point. Get tired of seeing bands that could do a good job and not do the anxiety release something soon . To be able to have a highlight the search for excellence is critical .

Interview by: Eduardo Cadore & Carlos Garcia

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