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House Of Lords: The Strongest And Most Direct Album Since The Band's Return

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In all aspects of Rock, oddly enough, is there that we know of "lost and found", which is traditional and very common in our everyday lives when we lost some valuables or find things that ends up being interesting for person, who should serve on something useful. And within the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal the same thing happens, because big names of the scene are always running in our minds, which is the case of the House Of Lords, one of the bands that were somewhat wronged.

The band, which was previously called Giuffra, was born in the Decade of 80 in Los Angeles, launching two major albums: the first, self-titled (1988), and "Sahara" (1990). Yet in the years 90, released "Demons Down" (1992), but was not as impressive as the previous two. The first two albums, including, were released by the record label owned by bassist Gene Simmons (Kiss), under the name of Simmons/RCA. But unfortunately, the following year, the band split up for some reason, interrupting all the good results obtained at the time, returning only activities in the year 2000, with only lead singer James Christian as an original member.

Since 2004, the band has been doing his best, pitching records and making shows over all America and Europe with a much more cohesive formation than it was before, which had Tommy Aldridge commanding the drumsticks. Remembering that, too, already had the passage of the band here in Brazil, in 2008, at Hard In Rio festival. And in February of this year, continuing the work, they just launched the eighth album of their career, "Precious Metal".

The band's sound is a mix of Hard Rock with AOR, which is popularly known of Arena Rock. But in this new album, the singer James Christian and its partners Jimi Bell (guitar), Chris McCarvill (bass) and BJ Zampa (drums), chose to be more direct and dynamic, discarding the timbragens of keyboards in certain songs, which eventually resulted in a disc fully strong and heavy, that in my modest part, overcomes the successor "Big Money" (2011) and the best album since the return to active, "The Power And The Myth" (2004).

Good music is not lacking in this new work, which made me stay with some difficulty to choose which are the best tracks. To not make this loophole, the tracks "Battle", "Epic", "Permission To Die", "Swimmin' With The Sharks", "Action" and "You Might Just Save My Life", which in addition to showing all the talent that James Christian has in his voice, are my recommendations for those who want to listen to the record, whichever is, of course, the band members, which shows quality and technique from beginning to endmainly the guitarist Jimi Bell, that looks like some sort of Tony Iommi of Hard Rock.

The ballads are on the title track, which besides being very pretty, she stands out by guitar melodies, which is the flagship of the music; and "Enemy Mine", which is already more straightforward, with the participation of the singer Robin Beck singing a Duet, which for those who don't know, is the wife of James Christian.
For those who are curious to enjoy and learn more about the band is worth starting with "Precious Metal", not belittle the first two records, which are impeccable records.

Text: Gabriel Arruda 
Photos: Dissemination 

Band: House Of Lords 
Album: Precious Metal 
Year: 2014 
Style: Hard Rock/AOR 
Country: United States 
Label: Frontiers Records

James Christian (vocals) 
Jimi Bell (guitar) 
Chris McCarvill (bass) 
BJ Zampa (drums)

01. Battle 
02. I'm Breakin ' Free 
03. Epic 
04. Live Every Day (Like Its The Last) 
05. Permission To Die 
06. Precious Metal 
07. swimmin' With The Sharks 
08. Raw 
09. Enemy Mine 
10. Action 
11. Turn Back The Tide 
12. You Might Just Save My Life

Visit and learn more about the band

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Lords_ (band)

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