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Interview: Hibria – Welcome to the Horror Show

Hibria is one of the most influential bands in Brazil
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The Brazilian band Hibria is the reference of a new generation of Brazilian Metal. Even if they already have more than a decade and a half of history, the Heavy Metal group from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, is one of the main representatives of the national scene, especially outside that country.

Recently the group released their first live DVD recorded, in Tokyo, Japan, where the band has an acceptance without comparison with other countries, making, for example of great artists in the world, Japan's second home, recording there the tour of "Blind Ride" (2011), third and latest album of the band.

To speak of this experience, the lineup changes, the phase current and future plans, we talked with vocalist Iuri Sanson, in this exclusive interview that you see below.
Iuri Sanson

Road to Metal: The years 2010/2011 were really amazing to Hibria from the show opening for Metallica history in Porto Alegre / RS year 2011 and further up, new album, new member in the band for several shows and parts of Brazil and tour again in the east with the right to DVD recorded in Tokyo, plus a few shows opening for Ozzy Osbourne in Brazil. Iuri, take a parameter of this rise to the present time the band and how you are dealing with all this recognition in the scene?

Iuri Sanson: First I want to thank you for the invitation of the interview and also for the opportunity to get in touch with the readers of Road to Metal. Indeed, the years that you mentioned were very important to Hibria by both shows we had the opportunity to do about the musical maturity reached in our compositions. Blind Ride The album was released by King Records in Japan and had great response, so much so that, in the same year, we got our third tour of Asia, and this time we had the opportunity to play in Shanghai in China and was a spectacular experience.

RtM: "Blind Ride" drew much attention by the musical direction he took, because we have a Hibria more aggressive and more mature and I noticed were the different vocal parts where the highs were left a little to one side to step in a more interpretive singer and showing more variable, alternating between moments very well with more aggressive more melodic moments. It was your choice to change a little the singing?

Iuri: As you yourself said, Blind Ride compositions brought heavier and had the opportunity to put the songs have influences of Thrash, Hard and even death metal. As for the vocals, just followed this universe. Another factor that influenced vocals and much more "interpretation" was that the lyrics were inspired by the book "Blindness" by Jose Saramago. I thought it important to interpret the most significant so that the listener can feel what we wanted to pass on the letters. Of course we also have the fact that a good singer does not sing only in one way or style, must also have versatility in his voice.

Benhur Lima (Bass)
RtM: Benhur Lima joined Hibria shortly before recording the new album. As was his choice so difficult to put a left by Marco Panichi? And how is it adapted to the band?

Iuri: We contacted some friends and did bass rehearsals with them and was in the same way with Benhur. But the very first test with Benhur realized that he would be the new bassist. Aside from the fact that he is an excellent bassist, Benhur also has a powerful voice and you realize that in some backing vocals in Blind Ride. It seemed that already knew long ago that the partnership rolled first. Today he is fully mainstreamed with us and with the fans, all who received him well in Japan when we recorded our DVD and other shows made since entering the HIBRIA.

RtM: One thing that always impressed me is Hibria in the graphics of the albums, always well prepared and full of detail to be appreciated. Since "Blind Ride," as was the design and creation of art and what message it wants to convey?

Iuri: The part of the 2D drawings were done by Diego Kasper and colors and "effects" as the flames, was made by Gustavo Sazes. The idea is that we wanted to spend Blind Ride can be associated to any point in our lives. We will never know what might happen the next minute, so you better give your best. This is the main message.

RtM: "The Skull Collector" is a concept album, the same can not be said of "Blind Ride". Do you prefer working on which of the two formats? Eventually you will work with new stories and conceptual themes?

Iuri: The Skull Collectors followed the same line of the Defying the Rules (the concept in question), but Ride the Blind opened a wider choice to write some facts based on our lives. Reading the book and the various "messages" in which he is also much easier for us to put out some feelings. We like the way how the letters were in Blind Ride, and now with the new songs we already have, I believe we will follow this method.

Hibria and Metallica togheter at Porto Alegre, Brazil (2010)

RtM: Iuri, you could comment a little bit like the feelings were opening shows for Ozzy and Metallica? And being a veteran band in open act, as you evaluate the issue of national bands that pay to opening acts for international bands?

Iuri: Actually, we consider that the first "complete opening" of HIBRIA was Metallica in 2010, because earlier when we opened for Blaze Bayley, I was completely speechless and had to invite some friends to sing with us. It was really cool. Neither have much to say about the openings of Metallica and Ozzy. Just enter the HIBRIA.COM you will see the smile on our faces. In the end, are two influences on our super sounds. We also had the opportunity to open for Megadeth in 2009 in Nagoya, Japan This show happened after we partake of the biggest metal festival in Japan, the Loud Park. The HIBRIA never paid to open a show, but respect those who do it to have the opportunity to show your work to a wider audience and directed.

Iuri leading the Brazilian fans in the opening show for Metallica

RtM: The band has undergone lineup changes with each album, not repeating the training in any of the complete works. Diego Kasper recently left the group. Little was said about letting media and fans with the impression that the decision may have been combined. Tell us a bit more about the departure of Kasper, a founding member of the band.

Iuri: The decision of the output Diego was widely circulated in all the channels that have Hibria today on the internet and also on our website. The Diego was and will always be a brother to us, as well as Marco. Exactly why is that we hear the reasons for his departure, we support and we all support for them to follow their lives and can achieve the goals and directions that have since then.

RtM: Renato Osorio was named to replace the position of guitarist Kasper. How is having a new member in the band? And the tests, as Renato has manifested itself playing the songs of Hibria?

Iuri: Renato is our longtime friend. To get an idea, I had a band with Renato after I met the staff of HIBRIA. He is a great  musician and producer, and friendship and partnership has helped a lot in the test and new compositions.

Renato Osório, new Hibria's Guitar
RtM: In the eyes of you because Japan is a scenario so receptive to Heavy Metal? And what parts of the world yet to be conquered by Hibria?

Iuri: Japan highly values the bands out of their country of origin, travel a good hour and play live to the public. After the show they'll thank you for having gone there. It's really cool that you're away from home and feel the receptivity of the fans. Here in Brazil is the same thing, only with the international bands. Perhaps the staff think you can see the national bands at any time, and international, we just have the opportunity when they come, that in large towns and cities where something "happens." Now if you travel through the interior of the states, the situation is different. We always want to play the HIBRIA in different places and we have not had the opportunity to show our live sound. So if you enjoy our music, just visit the site and say that HIBRIA.COM Hibria want to see in you city. If you know some producer, show him our sound and call friends to do the same. Since we do not sell many more CDs and record companies do not bet on tour, is now the responsibility of the public go to the shows and make the scene turn.

RtM: You just released your 1st DVD and live CD "Blinded by Tokio - Live in Japan" that the first weeks of pre-sales, the launch reached the 1st place in several categories in one of the largest stores in Japan the HMV. How was this news to you? And being so worshiped in the East, the Hibria plans to return this year to a future tour with the new lineup?

Iuri: For us it is always great news to be among the first in Japan This gives us a lot of strength to continue working. We have plans to return to Asia and spread Blinded by Tokyo. We also have plans to release the DVD in Europe, North America and Central ...
First live DVD

RtM: The focus of the band at the moment is with the release of the DVD, surely a milestone not only for the band, but for the Brazilian Metal. After this time, when the band plans to start writing and recording a new album?

Iuri: We are already with a good number of new songs almost ready and we are working hard for this next album is in the hands of fans already in 2013. We have a good run of new releases. In 2011, Blind Ride, now in 2012, the DVD Blinded by Tokyo in 2013 and we want the new album is already on sale.

Hibria live in China

RtM: In the promotional tour for "Blind Ride" by the East, you had the opportunity to play in China, a country that has a very large and that oppression does not have much access to the heavy metal bands, even though a legion of fans. Tell us a little of this experience could bring heavy metal to a country as oppressive as China.

Iuri: China is a country very cool. The experience of playing in Shanghai was spectacular, we saw the public there singing Tiger Punch from start to finish. This song is available in a sort of Chinese youtube. In fact, we feel very good on stage, because throughout the show the audience of about 10 thousand people shook a lot while we were on stage.

Band recording DVD live in Tokyo, Japan

RtM: Yuri you were invited to participate in the two releases of Soulspell Metal Opera (Brazilian band), which is led by drummer Heleno Vale, was invited to participate? And how were the sections of recordings of his pieces, you had to travel to Sao Paulo or Porto Alegre recorded in the same?

Iuri: Wow, was an honor to join this super project of Heleno. I can say that Heleno is a man of courage, because not everyone who bets and invests in projects like this. I was very happy to write and personally know the rest of the band and other great singers who participated in this project. Today, I can say that I have new friends. With respect to the recordings, my part was done in Porto Alegre same.

Check out one vídeo from official live DVD

RtM: And finally, I would like you to tell us Hibria's future plans for 2012 and leave a final message to the readers of Road To Metal.

Iuri: We want to play live. That's what we do best. So we want to go to cities that still have not played the DVD releasing Blinded by Tokyo, but for that we need to access the HIBRIA.COM that fans enjoy the HIBRIA page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. This way we can show the producers that we have a public that supports us and going to shows. In addition, we are already working hard on new songs and also expect to release the next album next year.
Thanks again for the opportunity to Road to Metal and we are always there for new interviews.

Interview: Renato Sanson/Luiz Harley/Eduardo Cadore
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