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Anneke Van Giersbergen: "This Is Me!"

Anneke Van Giersbergen is undoubtedly one of the most talented and beautiful voices on scenery, renowned for his vocal lines with lots of personality and singular characteristics, from very young in music, her talent was recognized worldwide to work with The Gathering, band which she belonged since 1994, remaining until 2007, contributing greatly to the success of the group, from the debut of Anneke, the album "Mandylion", 95.

Anneke also worked with numerous artists and bands of different styles such as Moonspell, Devin Townsed, Within Temptation, Novembers Doom, The Human Experiment, Wetton / Downes and Ayreon, to name a few. Even speaking in Ayreon, Arjen Lucassen, who, as we know, likes to produce and write all the songs of his works, making few concessions, and in the case of Anneke, he declared that  on his albums, he let her do the vocal lines and melodies as he is not able to create the lines the way that only the Anneke can!!

Indeed, this differential has Anneke, great personality, a style very well, and can fit any style.

After the departure of The Gathering, Anneke follows on a successful solo career, and this year released "Everything is Changing", the first work taking only his name. We contacted Anneke to talk a little about this album and some more things in her career and also know a bit more about this talented singer and songwriter. And then in this special article, you can check review of the album and links to videos.

RtM: Hi, Anneke, thanks for your attention and all your music, personally, I’m a huge fan, and is so great to do this contact! 

Anneke Van Giersbergen: Hi Carlos, nice to (sort of) meet you!

RtM: Well, i would like to know, what things inspires you to compose the new album, and what’s the meaning of the album title?

AvG: To me, life in general is about changing and dealing with those changes. I believe in movement, not stagnation. 

Sometimes changes happen slowly, but lately it seems that everything is happening a lot faster. I can see it in the world around us – more and more people are not putting up with injustice any longer.

When I started working on my new album, there was a lot going on in my professional life as well. I met and started working with new people and new partners. That was inspiring too.

RtM: Why did you decide to do not use the name “Agua de Annique” in this album? Did you decide to use only your name from now?

AvG: I don’t think many people understood why I started working under a moniker anyway. 
I guess I was afraid to be captain of my own ship, and the idea of “being in a band” seemed logical to me, but now I feel confident enough to show the world: “this is me!”.

RtM:Many people still ask you about the departure of The Gathering? Personally I think you made ​​the right decision, because I was thinking the other experimental The Gathering, and I prefer to listen to you this way that is ringing in his work, with more melody, more feeling…How do you evaluate this decision today and to have more musical freedom was one of the reasons to leave the band?

AvG: Initially I was not thinking about musical freedom that much. I have always been interested in working with a lot of different people. That wasn’t something the guys desired as well, but I mainly wanted to be in charge of my own agenda a bit more. 

At that time I was the only one with a kid and I wanted to be able to work aroud my little family a bit more. I also had a desire to record my own songs one day without anybody else’s input. At one point all of that came together and I knew I had to make a change. It was the most difficult decision of my life.

RtM: I would like you to comment on two songs, “Circles” and “Feel Alive”, so emotional and beautiful lyrics, which are the most caught my attention and I also saw several fans comment about. Would you talk a little more about this songs for us?

AvG: “Circles” deals with the ability that some people have to remain rock-steady characters, even during very difficult times in life. It was inspired by good friends that went to a terrible difficult time.

“Feel Alive” speaks for itself: sometimes you are just so happy to be alive and you feel like shouting it from the rooftops!

RtM: We would like to ask to you to comment the video for "Feel Alive", which was so pretty and simple. How did the idea for this video?

AvG: Me and the director had a lot of ideas for that video. We started the day with a close-up of me singing the song and after 1 take the director said : watching you singing up close is so powerful, let’s stick to this idea. It was scary, because we wanted to shoot a whole different video, but in the end I’m glad we decided to change plans.

RtM: You feel accomplished today with your job? What would you like to do even in your career that have not yet had the opportunity?

AvG:  I already feel very blessed and accomplished. I guess the only “new” thing left to do is to release an album filled with songs in my native language. Now and then I write a song in Dutch, but first up is a follow-up album for Everything Is Changing in 2013!

RtM: You start very young in music. Would you tell us a little bit about how you started, who encouraged you to start singing, playing the first instruments?

AvG: My parents listened to a lot of music when I grew up. Classical music, but also Beatles and Stones. My older brother listened to heavy music, so that's where that came from. I've always loved singing and one of my teachers noticed I had a pretty good voice and encouraged me to take lessons. I got my first guitar when I was 14 and that's when I started to try and write my own songs.

RtM: When you are not engaged with your music, what are your hobbies and in terms of music, what bands or artists you enjoy listening to?

AvG: I like to dance to Zumba music! !There are also a lot of bands that I like. Muse, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, The Swell Season and Triggerfiner to name a few.

RtM: Well thanks for your attention, Rob asked not to dwell too much, he he he, we will save your time to create the most beautiful songs for us!

AvG: Thank you Carlos. Haha, indeed: email interviews take a lot of time, but no worries, it was a pleasure!

All the best for you and brazilian fans! Thanks for your support!

Anneke   XxX

"Everything Is Changing": This new album by Anneke, shows much of his career. Here we find songs that remind us of his stage at The Gathering, her early work as "Agua de Annique," and their musical preferences, which are well varied, all conspiring positively to Anneke once again shine with its charming and distinctive voice, probably one of the most beautiful voices on scenery.

It's an album with songs and melodies easily assimilated (but with elements that give personality to each song!!), you will hear and the time passes, and when you finish listening to get that feeling of "oh no, it's over!",  provides an enjoyable listening to there where we will be mesmerized by the voice of Anneke.

The singer's fans will surely approve, and fans of good music and with an open mind as well. And Anneke, I believe, won the admiration and respect, including through its partnerships with various artists and bands of different styles, this feeling and sincerity in their work, has the power to please Greeks and Trojans.

To conclude, I quote some of the highlights, as the first single and video, "Feel Alive", which opens the album, capturing the listener has the melody lines and those sticky features of Anneke's voice. The video is also very simple and beautiful, where the singer seems to be talking to you.

"Everything is Changing," the title track, is guided by the keyboard, a very pretty ballad, highlighting the vocal lines and on-location voice, with a climate almost ethereal;  "Circles" is another beautiful and emotional ballad, with voice and piano and orchestral arrangements, and, of course, a emotional and touching interpretation. Indeed, a magnificent voice, and knows how to transmit emotion in a song, "Stay," recalls the stage with The Gathering, and is more "heavy", with a striking chorus. In fact, with an ability to create melodies that Anneke has, music not difficult to be remarkable!  In short, a beautiful album, that only  for the beautiful voice of Anneke already worth hearing, but offers much more.

Album Tracklist
01. Feel Alive
02. You Want to be Free
03. Everything is Changing
04. Take me Home
05. I Wake up
06. Circles
07. My Boy
08. Stay
09. Hope, Pray, Dance, Play
10. Slow me Down
11. Too Late
12. 1000 Miles Away from You

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