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Ethereal Architect: Builders of Interesting Songs

(Versão em português aqui)
Although when we think of Texas (USA), we have in mind thousand other things to remember, is the city of Austin, that state, which arises Ethereal Architect, which follows a progressive proposal, but trying to break some ties with the style and thus the is, effectively, the "Monolith" (2012), his new album.

Released in May of this year, "Monolith" is the second album from the band formed by Adam Contresa (vocals), David Glass (guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), Thad Stevens (bass) and Jake Koenig (drums, percussion) that surprisingly, turns out to be a decent job of famous band. Indeed, it is remarkable the low age of musicians, with an average of 25 years (considering that the first CD came out five years ago, are quite young).

As the band's recent, there is always a big responsibility to compose and produce work that makes the audience interested in watching the next group. "Monolith" will be able to do this, but beware: not an easy album.

We may, in some superficial hearings, or see the band as another style or a group that is trying to innovate without forgetting their influences (Dream Theater, Opeth, etc.) and offers us an album of highest quality.

Compositions like "Becoming Bardo" and "Obsidian" will please those who like full speed and technique; already "Revolutions" brings symphonic elements and may, at first, cause estrangement, by Adam be with vocals and some effects, somehow strange (but a great chorus). Already "Kalinago" which opens the album, brings the elements that are in the rest of the hard tablets in this track: breaking rhythm, speed, melody, symphony, etc.. "Mercury" shows the unquestionable quality of Glass’ guitars.

Now, if your area is the melody inside the metal, you'll love immediately (like me) "Oceans", the most melodic album, although that is hardly ballad, can be defined in this way, as "Obscura" , more than the disk, since Adam sings in Spanish and the music follows this Latin side, not matching some of the remaining work. "MacArthur Park" (version classic 60/70 Richard Harris) has several times throughout its seven minutes, but with a sensational melody (keeping the mood of the original version), with special show of Adam on vocals , inspired solos of Glass which, incidentally, is the composer of almost all the songs.

In general, "Monolith" is the true flagship of Ethereal Architect for expansion outside the U.S., so much so that the band prepares an international tour in 2013, while following a series of shows in their home country touting this new work that deservedly should be on the bookshelf of every lover of good music.

Editing: Eduardo Cadore
Photos: Disclosure

Band: Ethereal Architect
Album: Monolith
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Type: Progressive Metal
Label: Independent

Line Up
Adam Contreras (Vocals)
David Glass (Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals Support)
Thad Stevens (Bass)
Jake Koenig (Drums)

01. Kalinago 
02. Mercury 
03. Obsidian 
04. Oceans
05. Final Escape
06. Revolutions
07. Obscura
08. Bardo Becoming
09. Submission
10. Mac Arthur Park


Bardo Becoming

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