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Interview: Viper - A Pioneer of the Brazilian Power Metal

Legendary Brazilian band back on stage celebrating 25 years 

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Probably the biggest return of formation of a legendary band, the return of the Viper in 2012 will mark forever the story, not just the band, but the national Metal, after all, are 25 years of history, turbulence and some of the greatest classics of all times of heavy music in Brazil.

And the line-up could not be better, since the return of Andre Matos for the post of lead vocalist, alongside the trio Felipe Machado (guitar), Passarel Pit (bass) and William Martin (drums), and complemented by efficient and new member Hugo Mariutti (with great history in Matos and Shaman bands), made of "To Live Again" tour a success, selling out shows with audiences of all ages.

To speak of this return (which may not only be "temporary"), we spoke exclusively with drummer William Martin, who, friendly, also commented on the Brazilian scene, the new solo album by Andre Matos, the end of the first part tour and schedule new dates.

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Road to Metal: You announced the tour "To Live Again" tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album "Soldiers of Sunrise" featuring the return of Andre Matos. The Viper plans to release a new album with Andre on vocals and he only returned for this tour to celebrate?

Guilherme Martin: The idea of the tour "To Live Again" started at first as a reunion for all of us who generated the idea of a show first. From this show came proposals for more shows, that made this tour! We have many plans for the future, of course, and we are reviewing all proposals, but right now we are focused on shows that the beginning of the tour ended in late July and extend to until the end of September! In October, Andre should begin preparations for a solo album, which incidentally, is very good. We will return to talk about the Viper in the following month, but certainly the Viper has a lot of work ahead.

Drummer Guilherme in concert at the Theatre of CIEE in Porto Alegre, Brazil

RtM: Viper was one of the pioneers of heavy metal bands in Brazil, releasing albums that would not be marked only on the national scene, but internationally as well. But from the album "Coma Rage" (1994) the band began to change their sound. You are considered one of the icons of Heavy Metal in Brazil, and concluded to compose the album "Tem Pra Todo Mundo" released in 1996?

GM: Viper tried to innovate in compositions and try to reinvent the band. Pit [Passarel, bassist and vocalist] has always been a composer who was ahead of its time back then in 1996, thought it would be a good time to take a Viper changed in style, is an album that has been criticized, but was part of our career and certainly caught the attention for all changes visionary at the time.

First Viper album
RtM: Knowing that the band is a pioneer in Brazil, what can you say about the bands that followed the Viper in the Heavy Metal. You accompany the scene? What bands call them positive attention?

GM: We have pride and gratitude for all these strips, which somehow helped keep the Heavy Metal always active and leaving. Viper is always remembered as one of the biggest bands of the style. Well, Korzus never ceased to amaze as a band. I love their work all these years. The new album from Andre Matos solo comes around to go down in history, and has the Cavalera Conspiracy's Max and Igor [Cavalera brothers, ex-Sepultura] that always comes with amazing albums. Sepultura also represents the Brazilian Metal to the world and has much merit for all the brilliant career!

RtM: The band performed in Sao Paulo, on July 1, where the filming was done for a future DVD. How was this first show? In an interview with Roadie Crew, you said you would have only the month of July for activities with the band and there were no plans for a new album. How do you think would sound like a band album today, with the current training after decades of separation? There are more dates confirmed or negotiation?

GM: Well, the interview for the Roadie Crew was very early in the project, today we have dates for the month of September is confirming, for this reason I have yet to announce them, but this will be done very soon [to date of posting of the interview, the band had already confirmed the first shows of the second leg of the tour]. It's a good question, this would sound on an album of new songs, I think the Viper is a great step, we've all matured a lot as musicians, you would tell to Hugo, who is a great guitarist, and have the Pit and Andre composing . I think with this formula, we get a new job flawlessly, but we are, as I said, giving it time.

Viper back in the 80s

RtM: Hugo Mariutti came to the band by its proximity to Andre Matos. How is having a classic lineup back, but with a completely new member? The fact of his story alongside Andre in bands after the Viper does not cause any estrangement?

GM: Rather, Hugo became a great friend, a member of the Viper, he was very welcome from the beginning and is a great pleasure to have him with us in this new history of the Viper.

RtM: The first live appearance after that the band back was in the program Altas Horas (TV Globo). In it, you performed two songs, the classic "Living For the Night" and "Rebel Maniac". The great thing was to see "Rebel Maniac", originally recorded by Pit Passarel be sung by Andre. How did the idea of playing songs from the album "Evolution" with Andre Matos on vocals?

GM: In fact, when we decided that we would actually return to the stage, we are almost five months rehearsing a lot and tried several songs, one was a Rebel Maniac on vocals with Andre, which was unanimous, was good at first, and decided to remain in the repertoire. Surely there is a possibility for other songs on the album Evolution in the set lists of upcoming shows.

New line up brings back vocalist Andre Matos (center) after more than two decades out of band

RtM: Still on the appearance on the TV, there was a massive dissemination in social networks, especially Facebook, led by the fans. Then, a week before the screening program, the issue that most saw the headbangers disclose was the appearance on the program. How do you see this change in the form of disclosure, since today the sharing of information is much expanded over the years 80/90, when the band was in high production? It would be a new form of "word-of-mouth" which was the predominant format in the 80 and 90?

GM: Certainly much easier. I remember that in the 80 and 90, the disclosure was made by mail, Viper had a fan club and a mailbox where the matches were centralized. Today with the internet social networks can always be updating information and our fans always share the news.

Matos will release solo album on August 22
RtM: We thank the band for the availability and wish success in this period of celebration of two major Brazilian Metal albums of all time. Leave a final message to our readers.

GM: Thank you very much for the interview and attention to the Road to Metal guys, and all our fans be they new or old, have always accompanied by Viper for all these years, and certainly this return is a result of all this force.

A big hug. I see all on the upcoming shows!



Interview: Renato Sanson/Eduardo Cadore
Translation and Edition: Eduardo Cadore/Renato Sanson
Photos: Disclosure

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