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Herman Frank: Heavy Metal's Hard Worker!

Undoubtedly Herman Frank is one of the most significant and respected guitarists in the world and German Metal, anyway, besides work together to Accept, where he was part of at the time of the releases classics "Restless & Wild" and "Balls To The Wall" (82 -83), with the band returning to the reunion shows in 2004/2005 and now since 2009, this new line-up post Udo, which already accounts two amazing albums, still has a prolific solo career and work with other great bands like Victory, Moon Doc and Poison Sun, not to mention yet that produces and is a sound engineer, and working with names like Saxon, Molly Hatchet, Messiah's Kiss, Rose Tattoo and Holy Mother, released instructional videos and is a composer, arranger and bandcoach! a multi-man virtually!

We take a break between the release of his second solo album and Accept's World tour to talk with Herman some subjects, such as his new album, which finds time to do so many things, and, of course, about Accept!

Road to Metal: "Right in the Guts" is the second album bearing the name "Herman Frank," and brings changes in the line-up, you chose to work with different people because it is a solo project, or you want a line-up stable, functioning as a band, and perhaps also do live shows?

Herman Frank: Well, actually I had in mind to bring up the same line up again. Cause life is playing games all time it turned out different. Jioti got some problems with his health. I was waiting for nearly two years after Loyal to None to start the recordings for Right in the Guts, but he was´nt able to sing. Like he used to sing. Therefore I decided to look for another frontman to do the album.

Stefan (Schwarzmann) was quiet busy these days for different projects so he couldn´t find some time in between. Cause I wanted to record the follower to LTN I had to give new people a chance. Maybe this time the line up stays a little bit longer and gives me a chance to do some live shows.

RtM: Like the first album, "Loyal to None", many reviews have linked to accept sound, I even think there similarities, but I think his solo work has a more hard rock background. What do you think about these comparisons and what the main differences between the sound of what you do on Accept and at your solo work?

HF: Easy to tell. In Accept Wolf and Peter are writing most of the songs, nearly every song. In my Band I am the “Mastermind”. As Wolf, Peter and myself have kind a like the same backround thru all the years it´s obvious that there might be similarities. On the other hand I evolved my typical own style in this years without Accept. I think my productions are more live like and rougher.  Also more Melodic parts in my songs may be a difference to Accept.

"Right in the Guts" line-up
RtM: One of the CD’s highlights are the vocals of Rick Altzi, how you came to the conclusion that he would be the ideal guy to record this new CD?

HF: Rick called me up asking to sing on my new record. Actually I haven´t heard anything about him before. So I sended him some tracks with my vocal ideas on top and net day I received finished songs with a vocal performance that knocked me out.  He was right on the edge from the beginning on. He is such a strong vocalist and he shows a lot of feelings on the tracks.

RtM: “Right in the Guts” have many songs of pure Metal, with fast tempos, but my favorite, and based on reviews that I read, has drawn considerable attention, are “Falling To Pieces”, which is quite Hard Rock, reminding Whitesnake mainly by rick vocals. I would like you to talk a bit about this song.

HF: Yeah, Falling to pieces is one of my favorites too. I like this song a lot. Great ballade. Tons of feeling. Catchy hooks. Whitesnake ? Well, why should we all leave it up to them ? And for me it´s an honor to be compared to them. Isn´t it a great compliment having writing a song also Whitesnake could have done ?!

RtM: How was the songwriting  and production process of the CD and how you divided the time in order to concentrate on two major albums as Stalingrad and Right in the Guts?

HF: As usual I wrote all the songs. During the days I came up with a couple of ideas. As soon it was clear that Rick gonna be the new singer it went quiet easy. We started working on the album August 2012 and Mix was finished in January 2012. Time wise I just have to tell: Early bird catches the worm !

RtM: Talking about the lyrics, about what you enjoy writing, and also about your influences as a musician, who are your major influences?

HF: Maybe we should leave this up to Rick, he is writing all the lyrics. Influences ? Me, myself and I.

Poison Sun

RtM: You have your solo work, also have the CD with Poison Sun, the work with Accept, concerts, productions, etc ... as you finds time to do so much things?? ? He he he! Besides the music you have any other hobbies? Movies, Football?

HF: As I mentioned before, you just have to love what you are doing and just have to work hard. I don´t think about time when I am doing music. I just loving it!  And hobbies ? Movies you are right. Some sports, like Wing Tsung. But most of all having once in a while a little party with my friend Jack Daniells. He helps me to clear my mind and get ready again for new projects !!

Great albums with Victory and Moon' Doc
RtM: I think I these solos, you really do sound that characterizes you: a mix of Hard and Heavy. Based on this, would you to pick a favorite album (maybe a difficult task!) of Accept , Victory and Moon 'Doc and make a brief comment on each of them for us? for even the youngest fans have a reference, after all, you have so many great albums!

HF: It´s hard to tell which is or are my favorite albums. That´s a question I can´t answer honestly. I still do like Culture killed the Native by Victory. Accept Restless and Wild is my favorite one.Moon´Doc I would give Realm of Legends a chance.

RtM: I think the mos t Accept’s fans (including myself) did not imagine the band without Udo, but after "Blood of Nations", many changed their minds(including myself again!), and now you have released the second album with Tornillo. When you decide to follow ahead, and look for another voice to the band, did you expect results and public acceptance were so good?  Probably you had some doubts at the beginning. 
Now venture to say that 99% of fans are happy with the new line-up!

HF: Yeah ! It worked out great. Everybody in the band was very convinced about Mark from the start on. He´s such a powerfull singer and one of the best guys I ever meet. Cheesr to you my friend! 
Cheers to Mark !

RtM: And about "Blood of Nations" and "Stalingrad" albums? Can you talk to us about the pre-production, concept, differences and another things about them?

HF: Do me a favor? Leave this questions to Peter and Wolf.

RtM: After the Accept’s reunion shows in 2005, it was expected that the so-called classical line-up, with Udo, released a new album, also spoke on a DVD recorded in Wacken, but it did not happen. Would tell us a little about why there was no possibility this happen?

HF: No comment ….

RtM:  About that time, your Accept's first passage, I would like you talk a little about  how was to you join the band in that period. Many fans consider “Restless & Wild” and “Balls To The Wall” the best Accept albums.

HF: For me it was a great adventure and a journey which still remains with a big gab in between.

With Accept in 80's
RtM: And about  “Poison Sun- Virtual Sin”(released in 2010),  the band with your wife Martina, did you have planes to do another album? And how was the album promotion and acceptance? I really like Martina’s vocals, which have a differential, combined with a exciting Hard/Heavy sound!

HF: Martina got a lot of respect with her first album. We are working already on the second one. But no idea when this will be finished. I do like the style of Poison Sun very much.

RtM: Well, thanks for your attention Herman, I'll save a little of your time! hope to see you soon here in Brazil, with either the Accept or maybe with your solo band!Too bad last year for account of that accident in San Antonio you cannot come to Brazil!

RtM: Well thank you to following my career and spending your affords to my music ! See ya soon

Carlos Garcia to Road To Metal

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