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Interview - Vandroya: Separating Dreams of Expectations

Born in 2001 in the city of Bariri (SP), the brazilian band Vandroya began like so many other bands,  just some "kids", Heavy Metal fans, who formed a group to play covers of their idols.

With time passing, soon felt the need to create their own music, releasing the EP "Within the Shadows" in 2005. However, due to uncertainties, line-up changes, lack of conditions to invest in the band and other difficulties, the group did almost give up. However, for the sake of Metal scene, thankfully things started to take a new direction, and with a new line-up, and also thanks to good visibility that talented  singer Daísa Munhoz won with her work with Soulspell Metal Opera,  more eyes turned to the potential and talent of Vandroya.

Finally taken another big step, which was the debut release of "One," distributed  by Inner Wound recordings and Spiritual Beast Records, and in Brazil by Hellion Records, the band has been reaping the benefits, with excellent reviews, notes and with many interviews around the world. We talked with Daísa Munhoz and Marco Lambert to talk a little more about the actual moment, and, of course, about the album "One".

RTM: Would you describe the feeling of finally having your "debut" released? Daísa, did you remember that, in an interview for the Road in 2010,   you sayd that "One" was your "Chinese Democracy", of you making a joke, a kind of parallel with the album of Guns and Roses, because a long time to release that !
Marco Lambert: This analogy was perfect (laughs). Today more than ever I believe that things happen at the right time. When we released our Ep "Within Shadows" in 2005, were not prepared to record an entire album. We've talked a lot about this subject and come to the conclusion that if we had an album released in 2007 or 2008, it's likely that it would be just another album poorly written and poorly produced.

It is clear that 11 years is too long to release an album, but this time was crucial to acquire personal and musical maturity. We are very pleased with the result that "ONE" has achieved, both in Brazil and abroad. I honestly did not expect all that is happening, because we have our feet on the ground and know that it is a very difficult market.

RTM: The album has received many good reviews, and was released in Japan first, and now we have a national edition. Tell us how were these emerging opportunities and the interest of the labels.
Daísa Munhoz: I can say that it all started from the time that my name has gained more visibility, of course. Our videos began to be more accessible and Inner Wound, Soulspell's same label, contacted. They knew we were in the studio and asked to hear the material. They liked it so much that battled for a label in Asia too.

We ended up signing with Spiritual Beast in Japan, who made the best proposal. This was all a huge surprise for us, and we celebrate each achievement. As for the Brazilian label, the contact occurred while we mixed the album in Sao Paulo.

RTM: And as this excellent reception, as you are seeing? Are you having the return you expected?
Marco Lambert: No doubt it is very gratifying to read the positive reviews, with excellent grades, coming from all parts of the world, see what the fans are enjoying "ONE", and that the wait for this album was worth. But as I said, we did not expect anything at all, it's all being new to us. Today, the metal scene is experiencing a very different reality scene experienced in the 80s and 90s, there are many bands, many releases and today's market is extremely demanding.

We prefer to work without creating expectations of anything in the Vandroya, we want to surprise us with every thing that can happen every day. We managed to separate dreams of expectations. I believe that dreaming makes you work hard towards something you want, shows several ways you try to accomplish your goals. But when you confuse dreams with expectations, there is only one way, the frustration.

RTM: The band was stopped for a while, but then it was gathering strength and is here with a great album in hands. Would you talk about the tough times, and how the band was trying to return forces to reach the scene at the moment.
Daísa Munhoz: We stood for a long time. Basically, our biggest problem was the constant exchange of members, because each time you change the formation is as if you were starting from "zero". We were kids, many still do not know if he was going to college, if there was not... what they wanted to do in life, marrying and giving up of music. Outside the lack of money to inject into the band. I also believe that the lack of maturity to deal with these problems affect our decision to take a break with the activities of Vandroya, but as Marco said, glad it happened that way because I'm sure that this same lack of maturity at that time, probably result in a bad album.

RTM: About the compositions on "One", could you talk about how it was the choice of songs for the album? Well, the band started its activities in 2001, had the EP "Within The Shadows", then you probably also had other ideas and compositions, many must have been discarded, others rearranged and some new compounds. And already got some material for an upcoming release?
Marco Lambert: That was a very difficult task, because when we decided that recorded "ONE", we had just finished four songs, two of which were part of EP. We also had many fragments. I really like this way of composing, writing down everything and go after evaluating ideas.

So we decided to rerecord the songs from the EP, with minor changes, mainly on keyboards. From there the mission was to gather the fragments and transform everything into music. Let's start working on the new album soon, but we have nothing concrete yet, just a few things left over, and they need to go through a reassessment.

RTM: What about the song "Change the Tide," which also appears in Soulspell's Act III "Hollow's Gathering". It had the lyrics rewritten to fit the story of this album (Hollow's Gathering)? And there was some estrangement from the fans for this song was released on two albums, and in a very short space of time between them?
Daísa Munhoz: This song was written by Daniel Manso, our former guitar player, and yes, it had another lyrics. We recorded and engavetamos because at that time we had no intention of releasing an album. Turns out Heleno Vale became interested in music at the time and the recordings of Hollow's Gathering he proposed the use of music on the disc Soulspell changing the lyrics so that it would fit in the story, so that the music would be of both bands.

Only the vocals were rerecorded (N. R.: in the version that is in the "One", is attended by Leandro Caçoilo), the instrumental is the same on both discs. The fans liked it, they just may not yet know why this (laughs). Because of proceedings of labels and other impediments, which are normal, both discs have changed in their release dates, so the proximity.

RTM: What about this wonderful team of musicians that comprise the band? As you were coming together through these years? Influences that end up composing the sound and personality of Vandroya indeed!
Daísa Munhoz: This band started with a group of kids who gathered on Sunday to play Metal, to practice, without the slightest intention of going beyond that. But things were changing, the desire to compose appeared, many ended up leaving, coming back, coming back, and founder of the band, only left Marco, Rodolfo and me. But we had the great fortune to find in a neighboring town one hell drummer who knew a hell of a bass player, and they were very ready to take the band seriously. Otávio ​​is very important in this band. When everything was falling apart, years ago, he faltered and gave us a lot of strength, and he is also my partner in some lyrics. Giovanni is also a phenomenal guy. We are all great friends and our meetings are always fun.

Vandroya few years ago
RTM: We have seen several releases of Brazilian bands by foreign labels. Labels that have also invested in new releases, with new bands and classic bands, such as Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, Frontiers ... including vinyl editions and special editions. We have seen more reports on tv talking about Metal, even more TV shows and more space for the style, we have many festivals around the world. Do you believe we live again in a favorable moment for Hard / Metal, of course, may not come to much, but you can get close again at a time when it was in the 80s? How do you see the future of style?
Marco Lambert: It's what's happening with the metal, especially when it reaches the media that is not specialized in this field, is of utmost importance, but it is too little to solve the problem. I think today there is much more public to Metal music, more bands, festivals and ease in acquiring products and information about the bands, things that were missing in the 80s. The scene has never been easy, but today we have even more difficulties to get something, especially the Brazilian bands.

Today Brazil is mandatory route to the band's tours, yeah market exists. But of course, no use complaining to stay and do nothing. The Brazilian bands need to do their part, which is to record a material with quality, and work hard to do shows with the same quality of the disc. Obviously, the public has to support increasingly the National Metal and producers organize gigs with good conditions to the bands and especially to the public.

RTM: Marco, tell us a bit to us about how he started playing, your influences as a guitarist.
Marco Lambert: I started playing at 17, and started my studies alone, never had guitar lessons. Shortly after I put together a band with some friends. It's been a long time rsrsrsrrsrs. I went through several bands, and played various musical styles before entering headfirst into the metal, although always been a fan in style.

In 2001 we formed the Vandroya, and it was a big challenge for me because I had never played with a Heavy Metal band. In 2010 I was invited to join the Soulspell Metal Opera. About my influences, guitarists that I like to hear playing are John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin), Zakk Wylde and Yngwie Malmsteen.

RTM: To Daísa we already ask in a previous interview about their influences, so I wonder what the new generation of singers you admire, and with whom you would share vocals on a forthcoming album of Vandroya or Soulspell?
Daísa Munhoz: You know I just hear old stuff, no? My heroes are all in the past and I almost never know what's going to speak again that I admire. But I know I have a lot of good happening and I would like to talk about Fernanda Lira, from Nervosa band. She has great technique, you need to hear her sing other styles that not only Thrash Metal.

Herself, Fernanda, also introduced me to a band called Fire Strike, which has a vocalist with a range absurd. It is a well-eighties sound, I'd keep an eye on them. But as for a possible split vocal recording, the names remain the same since my first interview with RTM: Anne Wilson and Russell Allen.

RTM: I also remember that Daísa was training boxing. How are the workouts? Did you still practicing? And you Marco? Are you training for the case of having to defend yourself? (Marco and Daísa are married) Heheheeheh!
Marco Lambert: I always had a strong desire to practice some fighting, but time went by and I never went back. I admire the Aikido and Jiu Jitsu, but unfortunately i cannot join to gym, I think it is somewhat risky to getting hurt and having to go without playing guitar!

Daísa Munhoz: Yes, I keep training and much heavier now (laughs). Already incorporated boxing into my life and there's no more way to live without.

RTM: Thank you for the interview, surely many achievements still to come ahead!I left this final lines for your message to the fans!
Marco Lambert: Thank you for the space and to friends and fans for their support and responsiveness to our work, we are scheduling several shows and also preparing the clip for the song "Why Should We Say Goodbye," which began to be recorded early April. Follow the official channels for news. See you on the road!

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